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Everyone has a talent that the world is waiting to be discovered and unleashed for full manifestation. Liberia, our country has vast potentials. What that is truly missing is developing those potentials. Once you discover your talent, and convert it into a business, life becomes more meaningful. Take a careful look at footballers, musicians, actors and actresses, comedians, they have all been able to discover their talents and have converted their talents into business that they are surviving by. Take a look at who you are and look on the inside. There is something that is on the inside of you, wanting to come on the outside for full manifestation-something that will get the world’s attention to you. Discover it!

Business involves a solution of a problem in order to achieve a result. This then requires the provision of a service that has to be paid for as a good business must generate some profit. The interesting scenario is that life will always be full of problems that require solutions and as you have a solution to someone else’s problem you are into business already. All you need to do is to identify the problem and provide the solution. So it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, as long as you are providing something that people need and want, then you have everything necessary to go into business. The key here is this ‘’if you give enough people what they want, then you will always get what you want’’.

At this point one can see that everyone has the ability to own his or her own business. You have been blessed with gifts and abilities and all that you have can be organize into a worthwhile operation, which can bring profit to you. With desire, you will begin to discover some of the most exciting possibilities that are available to you. Everyone can become a business owner including you, and the only thing between you and your dream is you not money or opportunity or whatever other excuses that you might decide to come up with.

With the above you will need to have traits of a mature self- actualizing person. You must be able to see through flattery, deception and must be able to cope with problems rather than avoid them. You will have to accept yourself and others as well as connect with people on the way to actualizing your vision, and to contribute to others too. You will not have to use people and will not have to judge others on the basis of stereotypes. You will need to have a strong sense of right and wrong.

And so, what attitude must you adopt when you are into business, believing that something can be done through productive and creative thinking? There are four suggestions below that I think may be useful:

First, you must abandon your traditional ways of thinking. When it comes to human beings, there is no such thing as perfection. We can always be changed for the better. As a businessman, you must not let tradition bog you down but be ready to revolutionize your thoughts. When you are restrained by tradition, you will find yourself unable to change and become stagnant. This will cause your business and yourself to remain static as there will be no growth. But with new ideas and thoughts, you must be willing to make changes and this is important for you as a businessman.

Second, you must always be willing to accept new ideas in your heart and mind. When someone presents a new idea to you, rather than immediately arguing about its merit and feasibility, you must first listen to the whole idea and give it some thoughts. This is surely going to help you on your way to business success.

Third, you must always have the courage to start something new. It is a tendency found amongst Liberians to always do the same old thing and not take a stand to venture into something new. We are always satisfied or contend when what we have started is moving on gradually or rather slowly. But, I want you to understand this-when you step back in surrender, even without making an attempt; you cannot expect something productive.

Fourth, you must always put on a positive and/or progressive way of thinking. It is only those who develop and improve themselves with a positive and/or progressive way of thinking can stay ahead of others whether in politics, economics, education, culture or business. And so friend, having a negative mental attitude will lead you nowhere.

Friend, the whole world is just about business. Business is life and life is business. There isn’t anything that does not involve the process or the concepts of business. So, as you read this article, it is important for you to know that what you do with the information that you are receiving will determine your place in the world of business. Remember that time marches on and opportunity waits for no one. You are the only one who has the absolute power over what you do next, you and only you! Beginning today, I urge you to open your eyes and look. You will not see those opportunities until you look.

Put on a new perspective. See things differently from others. Change your methods-your ways of doing things. The government will not do it for you. Your friends or family members will not do it for you either. You will have to do it yourself. Open your eyes today and look around and you will see endless opportunities available here in this Country. Take a keen look at the aliens and foreigners in this country and you will believe me about the opportunities that are available here in this country. Stop blaming your friends, family members or the government. They will not do it all for you. About 95 percent of your success depends on you. This has to do with your ideas, time, energy and work.

Believe that you can succeed in business in Liberia in the face of tradition, a bad economy and lack of money. Let your vision be different from others. Know that your purpose for going into business is to succeed and make profits and not the opposite. Put on a different attitude from others. Think differently from others. Do not allow the economy, the lack of money or traditional views of business to stop you.

Never stop thinking of new ways to improve and enhance your business. Be confident that your business will grow even larger. Although it may seem quite impossible for your business to serve all, be positive that there will be a way to do so if you get out of the traditional ways. I encourage you to establish your goal and remember it every waking moment and when you reach it, set your eyes on a new goal. When you do so, your very business will become your joy and happiness.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning, wealth creation and team building. He also offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats. He can be contacted through email at: or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776-545-394)

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