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Business Motivation – Part 3

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Business is all about your mind and attitude. You cannot succeed in business when on the other hand you decide that you keep your job and pay someone to run your business for you. You will be providing job for that person and stress for yourself. If you are not prepared to give yourself to business then don’t bother with it. Why start a business that will not be able to pay you first, pay for itself, and provide for your future?

Your mind is the place where you can build any type of business that you desire. Use your mind and put it to work for you constantly. Observe and analyze everything that you see and use it to your best advantage. Stay away from traditional thinking. Focus on filling a need for someone and he will pay for it. Such person will tell somebody else about what you did for them and it will continue from there.

It is only those who think on a grand scale that live for tomorrow. They are the ones that stand out from others and excel in business because they think creatively and productively, expecting wonderful things the next day. As they speed toward a bright and great future, they know that one day the future will become the present. Those who only cling to the past and the present but don’t look to the future will never amount to much.

Use your imagination and creativity and you will find that there is enough business right here in Liberia. You do not need to look elsewhere or go to other countries to do business. You can stay right here in Liberia and own as well as succeed in business. There are opportunities for business here in Liberia. If you want to become successful in business you will have to do things different from others. You will have to think different from others. You will have to see and look at things different from others. You will have to be creative and learn to use your imagination.

To become successful in business you will need to have a quite unique view and mentality. It is your thinking pattern that will determine your future and it is only those who have the right attitude and mentality will succeed both in life and in business, but those who do not will fail.

Business can be operated in so many areas and can be started using several approaches. There isn’t only one area or way in which a business can be started and operated. To have business success there are a few rules that one will have to observe. To start and/or operate a business, your idea and approach to business will have to be changed from the norm.

In order to have business success, you must have a dream for it is the quickest way to accomplish a goal. You must not blame others for your failure in business. You must first succeed in the place where you are now. When a person accomplishes remarkable success in his or her present place, he or she will naturally be moved to a higher place. It isn’t bad to have big dreams and want to accomplish big things, but one must understand that success is a gradual process and must be approached with careful planning, a strategy and determination.

You do not need to have a higher education, an office or a traditionally visible establishment before you venture into business. Once you are able to provide products or a service in exchange for a fee that is a business. No matter where such transaction takes place.

Understand that the business world is a very exciting world and has endless opportunities for the individual who enters with a desire and determination to succeed.

Business operation is not only for people with higher education or that there must be an office or some kind of visible establishment. Business transaction can take place anywhere and anyone today can start a business and become a business owner.

A beginner businessman once asked me to teach him the secret of a successful business. I advised him, “You must start from where you are, and succeed at what you are doing now.”

Rather than looking at the present, we ought to look toward a better future and think, “How can I become more effective? How can I improve in my business?” You must continue to hope and dream of great things for the business under your care.

You must get to know your customers and begin to show them that you care. You must be an encouragement to them. Give your customers support. Speak kind words to your customers and always be ready to be at their call so that you’ll provide the service they need. Speak kind words to your customers and make them to feel like kings and queens. Understand that the customer is always a king.

After you are through with business transaction with your customers, exchange numbers with them and give them a call-showing your concern and letting them know that you are glad for their safe arrival back home and that you appreciate their patronage, and ask them to come again. Understand that the strategy here is to build a client base.

Friend, with innovation and creativity you can develop a very significant business here in this country with very little amount that will grow and blossom. Again, you only have to be creative and use your imagination. I want you to know that imagination is the key to starting and developing a business of any sort. Your application of these principles to your business, I believe, will help you witness visible changes and your business will grow day by day.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He also offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats for leaders, managers, businesses and organizations. He can be contacted through email at: or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776545394)

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