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BYC meets Real de Banjul in 2015

The Liberia Football Association national league champions, Barrack Youth Controller (BYC1) will meet their counterparts of The Gambian football league, Real de Banjul in February for the 2015 CAF champions’ league.


Barrack Young Controller (BYC1) is two times winner of the Liberia Football Championship and went through the First Round of the CAF champions’ league this year after a 1-0 victory against Ashanti Kotoko FC of Ghana in Monrovia and a goalless draw in the return leg in Ghana. But they were sent home by Sewe Sports of Ivory Coast. 

The team has won the FA champions league two times, FA Cup once, Super Cup twice and 2nd division champion league once, respectively.

At the same time, Real de Banjul FC of The Gambia  is based in Banjul. They play in the top division in Gambian football, including The Gambian Champions National D1. The club was founded in the 1966/67 season after a group of secondary school club returned from a trip in Senegal under the initial name, Benson and Hedges FC.

The name was eventually changed by the then Director of Youth and Sports (then the Sports Officer) to REAL DE BATHURST FC and upon its registration with the Gambia Football Association, it was headquartered at 81 Lancaster Street, Banjul.

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The team went thru another transformation in 1970 with a change of name from REAL DE BATHURST to its present name, REAL DE BANJUL.

It subsequently established both (male and female) basketball teams, volleyball and athletics teams. It consisted of young talented players in comparison to other local teams and won its first league title in 1971/72.

REAL DE BANJUL won The Gambian Champions National D1 twelve times, Gambian Cup two times in 1969 and 1997, among other great achievements.

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