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C.B. Dunbar lauds donation by Soildaridad

Authorities at the C. B. Dunbar Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County and officials of the county have lauded the donation of scores of essential materials to the maternity hospital by global network organization Solidaridad Liberia as part of its corporate social responsibility during celebration of its 50th Anniversary.
The donation made last week includes 26 dozens of pampers to help young babies mothers to stop the use of pieces of their lappers as baby diapers; three cartoons of baby toys; a cartoon of beddings for the hospital; four cartoon of delta; and 15 cartoon of clora.The donation to the hospital also includes five cartoons of soap; five cartoons of sanitizers; 20 bags of tissue; and 20 dozens of tide soap.

Several speakers at the ceremony viewed Solidaridad’s donation to the C.B. Dunbar Hospital as new and first of its kind to see an organization which operates in the agriculture sector to make such intervention in the health sector which is beyond its boundary.
In the three years of its operation in Liberia in five counties, Solidaridad undertakes cocoa and oil palm programs, and is hoping to introduce the aqua – culture program in the next few years.

Solidaridad’s cocoa program is in Lofa, Bong and Nimba; while its oil palm program is in Lofa, Bong, Nimba, Bomi and Brand Bassa. It works with private companies and gives support to smallholder farmers that are trained to adopt best management practices to boost their productions and yields in the two sectors.
Following the donation, C.B. Dunbar maternity hospital official Dr. Kour Elma Geah says she is so excited and overwhelmed with joy over the donation, saying her hospital is blessed.

“I can tell you, it’s not easy. Like he said, it’s not easy,” Dr. Geah explains, adding that C.B. Dunbar has been looking for a way out when God has blessed it with the donation from Solidaridad.“So on behalf of the hospital, I want to tell the Solidaridad organization, thanks a million. We are so, so grateful for this donation,” Dr. Geah says.
She expresses gratitude that among the many health facilities in Liberia, Solidaridad has identified C.B. Dunbar for the donation, assuring that whatever is donated will be used for the intended purpose

Making the donation, Solidaridad Acting Country Representative Mr. Cyrus Saygbe says he was touched when he walked through the Hospital and listened to the young mothers explain the ordeal they go through.
“It’s not easy to be a mother. Imagine some of them leave from there [hospital], they have to cut their lappers to prap up their kids,” he says in connection to mothers who said they could not afford to buy diapers for their babies.

Mr. Saygbe notes that Solidaridad believes that agriculture and health work hand – in – hand, adding that if the farmers are healthy, they will grow more food.
“As we walked through and listened to the mother, we felt that these things would be of help,” he says.
He says the organization focuses on two major value chain in West Africa, which are oil palm and cocoa.
Hopefully by 2020, he says Solidaridad will be introducing the third, the aqua – culture sector.
Madam Jetty S. Carter, Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) Program Officer for Agriculture at the Ministry of State lauds Solidaridad for its three years of operation in Liberia, especially for its activities in the last couple of days in observance of the organization’s 50th anniversary.
“We want to say thanks so much to Solidaridad and the entire team … this is something actually strange and actually new. First of its kind in the sector of agriculture where I work with the president to see this happening in our country,” she says.

She urges Solidaridad not to limit its assistance just at C.B. Dunbar Hospital, but it should look at Grand Bassa County and the other counties where the organization works.
Mr. Galah Toto of the National Oil Palm Platform of Liberia lauds Solidaridad for looking outside its area of operation to extend help to the health sector.

“For me this is new,” he says, adding that being in agriculture sector, he has never seen any agriculture organization undertaking some activities in the health sector.
Solidaridad Liberia Participatory Farmer and Training Specialist Mr. Sylvanus Agordorku expresses gratitude to Solidaridad for identifying with Bong County and the C.B. Dunbar Hospital to benefit from the group’s social responsibility during its 50th anniversary.

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“As we all know the conditions of our various health facilities in the county, considering our mothers that have come to give birth and then more especially the only maternity hospital outside Montserrado which is C.B. Dunbar Hospital to have been … selected for this donation, I must be appreciative and say thank you,” says Mr. Jonah Nulee Togbah, County Health Services Administrator for Bong.Solidaridad climaxed the 50th Anniversary celebration with sporting activities with community colleges in Ganta, Nimba County.By Winston W. Parley

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