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CABICOL calls on political parties

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Liberia or CABICOL issues a statement here, calling on political parties and candidates to respect results of the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections held across the country on Tuesday, 10 October.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia on Monday, 9 October, eve of polling day, the President of CABICOL, Most Rev. Anthony F. Borwah, says political parties and all contestants should respect the choice of the Liberian people, noting that in every democratic election, there are winners and losers, so Liberians should be cognizant and remain committed to the Farmington accord.

Political parties here signed a pact at the Farmington Hotel few months ago, committing to non-violent elections. Father Borwah notes that the democratic principles being espoused allow Liberians, who have met the criteria set by the electoral laws to contest  or elected positions wherein 20 candidates vied for the presidency and 986 candidates for 73 seats in the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections.

He says it is also encouraging to note that of the total of 1006 contestants, 163 are females constituting 15.9% of the contestants, which are all indicators of a growing democracy. Rev. Borwah also says as a follow up to a Pastoral Letter issued on June 4, 2017 on elections, they reiterate their call for peaceful, transparent and violent free elections, while urging members of the National Elections Commission and all those working with them to remain professional and irreproachable.

The statement equally wants the media to abstain from sensationalism and divisive politics, and appeals to the youth to refrain from violence in all its form. “It is historic due to the fact that this will be the first time in the past 73 years for a sitting President to successfully and peacefully turn over power to another elected President’’, CABICOL says.

It thanks the international community, citizens and residents of Liberia for contributing and ensuring the prevalence of peace in Liberia for the past 12 years. Statement.

By Bridgett Milton

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