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Cabinet halts sale of government vehicles

The Cabinet has received updates on priority development projects across the country, while mandating with immediate effect, an end to further sale of government-owned scraped vehicles across various Ministries, Agencies and Commissions.

According to an Executive Mansion release issued Wednesday, 22 November the Cabinet received systematic updates on key projects, including the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, the J.F.K Eye Clinic, the National Drug Service, Redemption Hospital, New A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine to be built at Fendell, existing Medical School, National Health workforce, Health Worker Housing, the National Diagnostic Center, Google Project Link, RIA Runway rehabilitation as well as the New Terminal building, respectively.

Cabinet also assessed updates on progress since the administration took over in 2006 and major achievements that have characterized the government’s commitment in delivering vital service to its people toward the last mile. Cabinet is expected to be further briefed in the coming weeks on a comprehensive Report Card that will exhaustively reflect facts and data in line with the legacy of the administration.

Cabinet further mandated the compelling need to underscore systems put in place including the establishment of integrity institutions such as PPCC, IAA, LACC, GAC, LEITI, among others, which have set the country on an irreversible trajectory.

In a related development, Cabinet was updated that as a result of the remarkable and meticulous performance of the President Delivery Unit (PDU), the Government of Togo has expressed interest in collaboration and partnership. So far, some Togolese nationals have been drafted to the PDU in a counterpart relationship while the Unit has also seconded PDU’s staff to Togo to enhance cross-pollination of ideas and foster skills transfer.

Meanwhile, in the wake of government’s determination to carefully preserve state assets while in transition, Cabinet mandated that all scrap vehicles under the ambit of the General Service Agency (GSA) be halted with immediate effect, pending a thorough review process to be presided over by the General services Agency, Public Procurement Concession Commission and the General Commission.

Cabinet concluded with updates on a number of Service Centers slated for dedication in Barclayville, Fish Town and Bentol, as well as, the reopening of the national museum on Broad Street and the upcoming Small and Medium Enterprises on ICT.

However, in an effort to ensure and maintain cohesiveness as well as a singleness of purpose amid the transition, Cabinet mandated the need for restraint, professional courtesy and respect for each other especially, involving those at the center of national leadership. Press Release

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