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Cabinet reviews health, justice and security

Cabinet has scrupulously reviewed critical targets met in the areas of Health, Justice and Security with a view to furthering the agenda of the government while mandating sector ministries to remain on course to ensure that the aspirations of the people are addressed.

An Executive Mansion release says Cabinet received and reviewed progress update regarding health infrastructures across the country, pending and ongoing development and modernization works at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital and commitment to holistically tackle the question of workforce in building a resilient healthcare system for the country.

The health sector updated Cabinet that so far 15 new Triages have been constructed in major referral hospitals across the country with 9 Health Centers new Triage construction underway.

Towards a resilient healthcare system, 15 Liberians are currently undergoing a one-year medical equipment maintenance training in Kenya while three are currently in the United States on a six-month long capacity building.

Six new X-Ray machines, 4-full Chemistry Laboratories and 6 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) equipment have been installed at hospitals and health centers around Liberia, the Executive Mansion says.

Cabinet was briefed on the refurbishment of the exterior and roof of J.F.K., the completion of renovation works on J.F.K. Eye Department cum staff training and equipping of the facility. The update also included the commitment of PREVAIL to complete the rehabilitation of the Radiology Department including the installations of MRI, CT Scan, Conventional X-Ray, Mammographic, Ultrasound, and new technical rooms.

Chevron/USAID funding to the sector will address the partial interior renovation of J.F.K 3rd Floor, 50 – 60 capacity renovation of outpatient clinic and observation room and renovation of ground floor Lab.

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Meanwhile, Cabinet also received briefing on interventions and follow-ups on the Justice and Security fronts with emphasis on ongoing manpower strengthening, transition support, projects earmarked for support, public safety reform as well as Liberia National Police and
Liberia Immigration Service Regulations. The briefing also captured prevailing rape and human trafficking cases, robust communication strategy highlighting the fight against corruption, Domestic Violence Act and Gender Equity Bill passage, status of Special Corruption Court, among others.

The security sector update also touched on the area of manpower strengthening – involving recruits and various personnel that are receiving VIP training as well as capacity building for BIN, DEA, Correction Officers and professional Magistrates for immediate deployment across the country.

In a related development, Cabinet has mandated sector ministries to remain focused on key targets such as energy, roads, agriculture, education, health and RIA modernization. Cabinet renewed its determination to respond to the emerging economic situation and emphasized the need for collectivity and cooperation that should inform how critical and major national challenges are pragmatically handled. Cabinet also mandated the Ministry of Health and CSA to review the pay grade of Doctors to commensurate with service, experience and qualification.-Press release

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