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call – off the protest

-Cleric warns

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The Bishop of the Faith Worldwide International Ministries (FWIM), Bishop Alfred Dickson Yerkuyah is warning organizers of the planned June 7 protest here to call – off their pending protest, arguing that it will not automatically change anything in the country but rather increase hardship.

FWIM is situated in Battery Factory Community, outside Monrovia.
Critics and opposition of President George Manneh Weah’s administration are planning a protest due 7 June to demand government’s action on status of the economy and other issues of national concern.

But speaking at the close of a week-long fast and prayer for the nation and its people at his Church edifice, Bishop Yerkuyah recalled the situation of the rice riot in Liberia, University of Liberia students’ protest, and several other incidences that occurred in the 70s and 80s.

According to him, those events mentioned did not change a single thing around but carried the country backward with increased poverty and diseases at the detriment of citizens.
The Clergy warns Christians across the country to advice members of their congregations not to be encouraged by anyone to participate in the planned protest.

He challenges those organizing the protest to show to the Liberian people a single incident of protest that brought development to the country, order than increased drugs addiction of Liberian youth, robbery, and poverty, among others.

He used his message under the theme: “Protest Cannot Change Anything in Liberia,” to further challenge citizens not to allow any politician to fool them. “Don’t let any politician fool you, because at the end of the day they will run away,” Bishop Yerkuyah says.

On the other hand, Bishop Yerkuyah calls on the Government of Liberia (GOL) to take every security measure aimed at ensuring peace and security in the country in the wake of the planned protest by people that he claims have “no vision for the country and its people.”
Bishop Yerkuyah notes further that should anything go wrong in the face of the protest, the Liberian people will hold President Weah and his Government responsible because the government was elected for six years to adequately govern the country and its people by alleviating the suffering of Liberians.

For her part, Mrs. Joyce Harmon Whitefield, head of the Church’s women department admonished women across Monrovia not to join any protest because doing so will be at their own detriment.

She says no one anywhere can fight government, as she encourages those behind the June 7 protest to negotiate with the government through the appropriate medium for the sake of the country.—EditedBy Emmanuel Mondaye by Winston W. Parley

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