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Calling the Attention of LNP to Armed Robbery

The heinous crime of armed robbery is again on the high increase in Monrovia and its environs. Of late, the City of Paynesville, outside Monrovia is being hard-hit by the crime. Among major targets struck by the drug-addicted armed criminals in recent times are the LBS Community, Weaver Street/City Hall Community, Duport Road, Congo Town, as well as Robertsfield Highway.

Under the heavy rains between the hours of two and four in the morning, these armed gangsters attack innocent and peaceful residents, taking away their valuable belongings, including cash. In some cases, they commit rape and some mercilessly flog and even harm their victims should they resist or fail to adhere to their demands.

Regrettably,  the Emergency Response Unit or ERU and Police Support Unit or PSU on whom residents depend for protection are nowhere to be seen when there are threats of armed or when the crime is being perpetrated. The ERU or PSU, most often, arrive minutes following the commission of the crime, leaving victims further frustrated with no hope.

Interestingly and also regrettably, in areas such as the municipality of Paynesville, especially in the Duport Road  and Weaver Street/City Hall Communities, where robbery is now uncontrollable, are the three top brass of the Liberia National Police- Director Chris Massaquoi and Deputy Director for Administration, Col. William Mulbah (Duport Road), as well as Deputy Police Director for Operations Abraham Kromah (Weaver Street/City Hall  Community).

If these top brass of the LNP are present in these communities, there should be no reason for these undesirable drug-addicted armed criminals to continuously terrorize these peaceful residents. While the logistical constraints faced by the LNP may be understandable, it is also important for the ERU and PSU to be steadfast in executing their responsibilities to ensure law and order within the various communities of Monrovia and its environs.

If the Director and his deputies of the Liberia, who are all residents of Paynesville City, are not aware of the latest upsurge and increase in armed robbery, their attention must be drawn now; they must redouble their efforts toward the safety of those they are employed to protect.

As the attention of the LNP is being drawn to latest increase in armed robbery, the need for community residents to better network with each other for police intervention and their own safety. Community members must now begin to seek the interest of each other in the interest of good neighborliness.

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