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Cameroonian lady held for human trafficking

Liberia’s National Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce has begun investigating a Cameroonian lady here for alleged human trafficking.

Madam Violet Njuakom is being held for allegedly trafficking three fellow Cameroonians using Liberia as a point of transit to Poland and Mexico.

Speaking to authorities of the Taskforce at the Headquarters of the Liberian National Police, Madam Njuakom said she and her boyfriend, Gerald Ajongowe, came into the country three months ago with the hope of traveling to Canada, but their Liberian agent only identified as “Amandu” asked that they wait because there is was no opportunity readily available for travel to Canada at the time.

She explained that while waiting in Liberia for an opening in Canada, her boyfriend communicated with three (two male and a female) back home in Cameroon informing them that Liberia was a cheaper transit point to get to Europe and the Americas.

The suspect narrated that when the three got in Monrovia, she and her boyfriend took a room on 24th street where they kept them while their agent Amandu was working on the necessary documents for their travel to Mexico and Poland at the cost of US$2,500.00 per person.

She further narrated that confusion broke out when her boyfriend who is currently out of the country, demanded from the victims US$3,500.00 each instead of the amount of US$2,500.00 earlier requested by agent Amandu. As a result, she said some concerned Liberians intervened and call in security officers.

The lady is currently being held by the LNP for further investigations while the victims are now in the Safe-Home of the National Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce of Liberia.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/labour-welcomes-ratification-of-ilo-conventions-amendment-human-trafficking-law/

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