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Special Feature

Can H.E. President Weah Learn any Lessons from the NTA’s MD?

H.E. President Weah’s row of appointees is men and women with impeccable character and high moral competence. But these claims can only be fulfilled when answers are found to the to a celebrated maxim that says: “We shall know them by their fruits.” Yes, Liberians are beginning to know Hon. Herbie McCauley, NTA-MD by some of his drupes. Hon. McCauley is one of H.E. President Weah’s finest political brains. Hon. McCauley has taken a giant initiative, something his boss, the President of the Republic of Liberia and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia has not done since he took his presidential Oath on January 22nd. 2018 under the watchful eyes of His Lordship Francis Korkpor, Sr., Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia.

The tryst of Hon. Herbie McCauley by H.E. President Weah was a forthright choice for the people of Liberia on the one hand, and on the other, it was also for the attendants at the National Transit Authorities (NTA). Liberians do not need to research the academic thoroughbred of H.E. President Weah’s appointees in order to discern their individual’s moral competence. The appointees themselves will rationalize their pragmatic stance through their holistic deeds rather than words.

Liberians will definitively appraise H.E. President Weah’s governmental flagbearers either through their vision document or their measurable deliverables plan of action from time to time. This is the case with Hon. Herbie McCauley, Managing Director, NTA, who from all intents and purposes strangely becomes the newest frontage of Liberia’s 21st-century metamorphosis as a genius agent of change amid the ensuing unethical complexities at the current NTA since the advent of the then Liberia’s civil carnage. Hon. McCauley was profoundly courageous to have divulged on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, in a press conference about the dignified need for the seemingly known corruptible NTA to undergo an Audit which was conspicuously a very strange political phenomenon coming from the tongue of a newly appointed MD.

This unprecedented political adventure was taken by Hon. McCauley had not been taken even by H.E President Weah, Hon. McCauley’s boss. But in Africa, the term “Audit” often irritate thousands and thousands of politicians in Liberia especially in a poverty-striking nation like Liberia where the words “accountability and transparency” devastate the hearts of so-called Liberia’s reformers and H.E President Weah is no exception.

Hon. McCauley believes in modernity for the security and sovereignty of the little unknown finances of a very poor entity like the NTA which I want to take my hats off to Hon. McCauley for such a board and giant attempt to audit the NTA. His quest will no doubt sink down into history as one man within the Weah’s government that initiated an audit under the noises of his boss H.E President. Hon. McCauley’s reputable quest should be an enormously challenging lesson to H.E President Weah, and his host of Ministers, Directors, Commissioners, Ambassadors and counties Superintendents. There is the urgent need for H.E President Weah to initiate an audit of the 12-years Former President Sirleaf’s tenure in office to establish the financial status of Liberia 12-years ago. It was a shacking utterance on the part of Hon. McCauley when he vehemently lamented: “The Audit is intended to establish the status of the institute’s obligations, debts, gains, challenges, and financial status.” Great!!

This is unprecedented in a country that is submerged in systemic corruption and political thievery. Hon. McCauley has the hallmarks and the characteristics of the International community. This is one outstanding feature the International Community often look for in most African governments—thanks to Hon. McCauley a million times. To run any administration, one has to first understand the overall financial status of the said entity, it gains, its debts and balances and it outstanding and international and national obligations both externally and internally. Currently, H.E President doesn’t know the financial standing of his own Government this is a very dangerous precedence on the part of a President who ran on the platform of “Poor Pro-Government”, accountability and transparency, yet he has deliberately negated the word “audit” from his present vocabulary which amounts to H.E President Weah’s insincerity.

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