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Can Pres. Weah Football Popularity Earns Him A 2nd-Term in 2023 Given the Humiliating Defeat His Party Sustained in the December 8th. 2020 Senatorial Election?

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The Congress for Democratic Change was established in 2004. A credible source revealed that one Joshua Sackie led a movement to petition President Weah to contest the Liberian presidency for the first time in 2005 because according to the source George Weah wanted to kill himself due to the unavailability of a job. The movement was quickly transformed into a political party known and styled today as Congress for Democratic Change, CDC.

The party was officially certificated in July 2005 by the National Elections Commission as a political party to contest the October general and presidential elections which took Pres. What to an election for the first time when he was endorsed as the party standard-bearer in a convention held in August 2005? The CDC is not one of the known mainstream political parties in Liberia such as the Unity Party, Liberty Party, National Democratic Party of Liberia, etc., it was formed out of political desperation by George Weah to gain political power according to one source familiar with the CDC.

CDC political survival and total independence rest exclusively on the shoulders of Pres. George MannahWeah’s popularity which he earned during his 18 years of successful football adventures at home and abroad. Interestingly, looking at the illiteracy rate at 52% in Liberia coupled with acute poverty, weak educational system, and devastating economy, Pres. With magnificently used his advantage to translate his 18 years of football popularity to exploit those volatilized sectors in gaining a huge political victory first, as senior Senator in 2014 and current Liberia 25th president.

Pres. Weah’s popularity resonated with Liberia’s young millennium, especially the so-called downtrodden, Yanna-boys, market women, school dropouts, and most especially ex-rebel fighters and war-lords who viewed him as their Mensah, a Hero and their guy who will not implement a war crime court in Liberia. He was also viewed as a downtrodden who lived and grew up and experienced acute poverty and survived in one of Monrovia’s known slums Borough of New Kru Town, like thousands of other less fortunate young Liberians.

Aside from the aforementioned different populations, there is another population that joined the rank and file of Pres. Weah’s CDC, that population includes some traditional corrupt retired Liberian politicians whose fundamental mission in the CDC is to exploit Pres. Due to his little experience in politics and lack of exposure internationally to manage a government. The CDC party is therefore a host to multiple different populations with computing interests and hidden political objectives.

For example, the massive humiliation defeat of the CDC in the just ended Dec. 8th, 2020 Senatorial election is a serious referendum on Pres. Weah’s popularity and his bid for the 2023 presidential election for his 2nd term. It is also a huge referendum on the entire CDC’s different computing populations within the rank of the CDC starting with its centralized leadership trend. Emphatically, the entire CDC leadership has zero popularity of its own and zero political influence and contacts at home and abroad.

Sources confirmed that 95% of CeDecians and their leadership are regarded as a bunch of hustlers and wealth hunters, who are militant in thinking, lack interest in schooling, lack domestic political experience, very acrimonious, emotional, lack former education to manage the CDC as a political institution. The source continues, the CeDicians possessed the characteristics of being desperately provocative with rebellion posture and intolerable. What is annoying according to the source is the fact that when experienced, well-educated and politically talented Liberians try to join the CDC party, Cedecians fostered politics of marginalization, segregation, discrimination and suddenly declared such person of interest as a stranger in the CDC party. As a result, the new members leave the party. This is one major problem that will continue to create avenues of defeat for the CDC’s political party in Liberia.

Another problem that will always cause the defeat of CeDecians in any future political contest is their habitual singing tendencies, yelling attitude, marginalization theory within its rank and file, direct and indirect extortion of money from people for jobs, massive corrupt practices, making tremendous unnecessary political battle-cries coupled with numerous militant proclamations to energize CeDecians politically, is doing the CDC more harm than good. The CDC party is not financially accountable and transparent, the party according to one source survives on state resources, because the entire leadership lacks the abilities and the experience to generate funds apart from donations, heavy fines, and taxations of its poor members, and exertion of funds for the promise of a job.

Another problem that would affect CDC future elections will be due to Pres. What’s a failure to address the acute multiple economic, social welfare, educational challenges facing the downtrodden masses, especially the youth who do not have food to eat, and do they have a place to sleep. Most of the youths in the CDC party have either become visible vagabonds or they have lost total hope in Pres. Weah and the CDC have no solution to their nightmare. The party has created a middleman status where the top dogs look down on the illiterate youths in the party and this will continue to affect CDC future changes to succeed in any political elections.

The final problem is the fact that CDC has marginalized its original political alliances, these include, the National Patriotic Party and the Liberia People’s Democratic Party. All political appointees are Cedecians.

Members of the alliance are being discriminated against and sidelined by CDC political doctrine of discrimination and segregation constitutes a deep-seated betrayal by leadership endorsed by Pres. We will affect CDC in any future political elections.

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