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Canadian come promising millions for female candidates

Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau says his country is tryingto do more to help Liberia during next year’s representative andpresidential elections through the United Nations DevelopmentProgram’s Joint Trust Fund, with specific emphasis on support towomen.

Following a one -on – one meeting with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf at her temporary office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inMonrovia, Mr. Trudeau told journalists that Canada is going to becommitting “a million dollar directly” to the United NationsDevelopment Program for the 2017 Liberian elections.

The Canadian Prime Minister also announced $10m investment in WestAfrica that includes Liberia in supporting women, saying Canada isgoing to be putting one and a half million dollars directly towardsglobal acceleration of women, peace and security.

He said Canada is hopeful that this support will encourage a specialemphasis on the greater participation of women voters and candidates. Mr. Trudeau also announced that Canada will boost the support of UNWomen’s effort to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of womenin the region.

He also indicated that Canada will be looking at ways that more men andboys can be encouraged to speak out to support women and to bring toend the violence against women. He said he had a wonderful chance to meet President Sirleaf one – on -one to discuss the ties between Canada and Liberia during which theyreaffirmed their commitments to work together to improve peace andsecurity.

To help achieve these goals, PM Trudeau says Canada made commitments,first of which is an increased global acceleration in strengtheningwomen, peace and security; and to work and expand the role that womenare already playing.

The Canadian Prime Minister said there is a need that more women and girls begiven the opportunity to lead whether in government or in businessforums as it is here in Liberia to bring about lasting peace.

Mr. Trudeau thanked President Sirleaf and the people of Liberia forthe kindness shown he and his delegation here. As part of activities marking his visit, PM Trudeau paid a visit at the Slipway Elementary School, supported by the Canadian agency, Right to Play, among others.

President Sirleaf thanked PM Trudeau and his delegation for the stopin Liberia, expressing hope “that we can see a rekindling” of thepartnership and relationship between Liberia and Canada, following aweakened relationship between the two nations due to Liberia’s yearsof difficulties.

She said Liberia has continued to receive Canada’s support over theyears through other means, citing multilateral agencies like WorldBank, International Monetary Fund, and the African Development Bankwhile collaborating at the level of the United Nations and otherinternational bodies.

“We have had the chance to share ideas on ways that this partnershipcan grow, and we look forward to continuing to be engaged with Canadain supporting the things that they stand for …”, President Sirleaf said.

By Winston W. Parley

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