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Candidates showcase political strength

Supporters of three representative candidates in Montserrado County nearly clashed on Saturday, 23 September, had it not been the professional intervention made by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to intercept the imminent conflict.

The NewDawn’s reporter says opposition United People’s Party (UPP’s) Stephen Togba, Alternative National Congress (ANC’s) Jonathan Koffa, Liberia People’s Party (LPP’s) Bella Diallo and independent candidate Joseph Barnes were parading the streets with their supporters, when three groups nearly clashed.

UPP’s Stephen Togba and his supporters were parading from the Slipway Community to their Camp Johnson Road campaign headquarters in Central Monrovia, and nearly clashed with the supporters of both Jonathan Koffa and Bella Diallo.

Mr. Koffa and Mr. Diallo’s supporters were using the Camp Johnson Road route that was also being used by the supporters of Mr. Togba. It took the professional intervention of LNP Officers assigned with each of the candidates to prevent the opposing crowds going into physical conflict.

The police officers were quick to instruct candidates Togba, Diallo, and Koffa’s supporters to stick to their various groups by holding hands and form chains parallel to the opposing groups.

The police succeeded in having the three different groups forming blocks peacefully without any clash. Addressing supporters of the UPP, Mr. Togba, informed the electorate that the district incumbent representative Acarus Gray should not be re-elected because he (Gray) allegedly sentenced the people of the district to death for the past six years, denying them of all social services.

ANC’s musical star turned – politician Jonathan Koff also told his supporters that he joined the political process because Rep. Acarus Gray has allegedly failed to meet the development needs of the people of district #8.

He says Mr. Gray has failed to provide pipe borne water, medical care, education, and security. For his part, LPP’s Bella Diallo, assured the electorate of his preparedness to improve the living condition of the people by advocating through legislative enactment of relevant bills, taking into consideration the interest of the electorate.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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