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Rural News

Cape Mount: County Officials Blamed For Under-development

Residents of Gola Konneh District in Grand Cape Mount County have blamed the county leadership for their district’s under-development. The citizens made blame-shifting statement during a mass meeting held recently in Than Town, Gola Konneh District.

The gathering was intended to discuss issues affecting them, such as the deplorable road conditions, damage bridges, as well as pit sawing, and the mining of diamonds and gold from the district without any development.

Senator James Momo of the County, who called the conference, blamed the county leadership for the problems, emphasizing that though road rehabilitation in the county was governments, officials of the county were elected to advocate on the people behalf.

In a related development, the only major bridge linking Sinje to Gohn Zodua in Gawula District has collapsed, hindering the free movement of vehicles and citizens to other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Traffic of the Police Detachment in Grand Cape Mount, Manus Griggs, Sr. has told reporters that the bridge is now serving as a complete death trap in the area.

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