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Cape Mount: LNRC Reaches Out To Farmers

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The Liberia National Red Cross society (LNRCS) is supporting 150 farmers in the town of Boasahn, Grand Cape Mount County as part of the society’s Food Security Program.

The Boasahn Food Security and Agricultural Development Project in Porkpah District is a self help initiative of citizens of the town to ensure self sustainability in food production.

Mr. Musa Kromah, Chairman of the project said its objective is to ensure food security and self sustainability in food production for residents of the town. He said the project was initiated to serve as a source of income for the inhabitants who will also use the proceeds to educate their children.

Already, the residents have plowed five hectares of swamp land with rice seedlings and other implements provided by the Liberian Red Cross. The large sway of farmland is being cultivated by both the male and female inhabitants with support from the LNRCS’ Food Security Project under the Disaster Management Department.

The Liberian Red Cross has also provided the villagers with varieties of farming tools including rain boots.

Mr. G. Ambullai Perry, Director for Disaster Management of the LNRCS said the society’s Food Security Program is intended to mitigate the effect of hunger and malnutrition in the communities, adding that reducing malnutrition in our communities so that the generational cycle of poor nutrition and poverty is broken is one of the main objectives of the project.

Mr. Perry said the project is intended to address immediate hunger and at the same time encourage citizens’ participation in mitigating the effect of hunger.

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