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Cape Mount senatorial campaign turns deadly

Reports gathered from both social media and campaign team of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) candidate, Mr. Simeon Taylor, say his campaign activities came to a standstill when people believed to be supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) candidate Senator Victor Watson set ablaze two vehicles belonging him (Mr. Taylor). According to the information, the incident occurred in Porkpar District in Dambala Town, Grand Cape Mount County on Sunday morning.

According to sources, Mr. Taylor’s campaign was invaded allegedly by some supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) which resulted into a tussle between supporters of the two political parties and led to the burning of Mr. Taylor’s vehicles.

According to reports, Rep. Bob Sheriff of the district, who attempted calming the situation house, was also set ablaze. Mr. Victor Watson is the CDC candidate in the county. He is also the incumbent Senator.
The government late Sunday afternoon issued a statement condemning the reported act of political violence.

The statement from the Ministry of Information quotes President George Weah as saying the government will not condone such violent action by any group of citizens and political party.

“There is no need for violence at a time when our country heads to a crucial election period which would solidify our democratic credentials,” President Weah was quoted to have said. He then warned that the Government will not hesitate in bringing to book any group of individuals who engages in acts of violence during and after the upcoming elections.

However, the leadership of the Collaborating Political Parties headed by Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings issued a strong worded statement condemning the act.

In a statement also issued Sunday afternoon, December 06, in Monrovia; the CPP said it has remained very calm and peaceful throughout the conduct of this campaign despite series of provocations from the CDC.
The statement added that CPP continue to respect the laws while the CDC is continuously violating every law with the intent of degenerating the country back into conflict.

“We, in the strongest of terms, condemn this unprovoked attack and demand the authority to bring to justice those responsible for such horrible attack. The CPP continues to avoid engaging into confrontations not because we are weak, but because we hold dearly the peace we all enjoy and are doing everything to ensure that that peace is preserved despite incessant provocations from the CDC and their hooligans,” the statement said.

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The CPP would like to draw the attention of Liberia’s international partners, who spent billions of dollars and shed blood to restore peach to our country, to these state sponsored attacks.

“We like to remind the government that Liberia slide into 14 years of brutal uncivil conflicts because of these same vices that they are now perpetrating against the opposition and peaceful citizens. At some point in time, the people will rise up to protect themselves since the state has now resulted to hooliganism and thuggish behavior,” the statement concluded.

–By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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