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Capemount residents petition Wolokolie for president

By Bridgett Milton

Five administrative districts of Grand Capemount County have petitioned Mengistu Eddie Wolokolie to contest the presidency in this year’s presidential and legislative elections.

The residents under the banner Friends and Supporters of Mengistu Eddie Wolokolie over the weekend lamented that over the last five years, the country’s economy has been ravaged by incompetent and dishonest leaders.

They suggested that the agriculture sector is weak to enable citizens to produce the needed products to serve a country with a small population.

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Reading the petition, student president Boima J. Massaley said the education sector is a mess. He recalled that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made this statement earlier.

Boima lamented that this is happening because of misplacement of professional persons for the right job.

“The unemployment rates for our youth and those with disabilities are far too high, our health sector is poor, with less or no drugs available at health facilities in the country,” said Boima. 

“We don’t have access to affordable healthcare, and there are substance abuse, epidemics that claim thousands of lives every year,” Massaley noted.

According to Massaley, Liberia’s problem is about incompetent and greedy leaders, and such problems can only be solved when there is change in the individuals.

“We the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County have resolved that you, Hon. Wolokollie, an independent contender for the 2023 presidential elections, can and will be the liberator.”

“We have [resolved] that Liberia can and will be rescued from her economic, international political entanglements by your visionary leadership already manifested by your establishments or investments in Liberia,” Massaley added.

For his part, Wolokolie thanked the people of Grand Cape Mount County for petitioning him.

He said he didn’t have to bribe the people with money, build schools, or build pumps, but the people accepted him and decided to petition him.

He believes that this is the kind of Liberia everyone wants.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, this is the change that we are fighting for, not for us to enjoy, but to put the future of Liberia first,” said Wolokolie.

If elected president, he said, under his administration, he will work to make sure that the disabled will not be second-class citizens but will be first-class citizens.

He noted that as he has been petitioned by the people of Grand Cape Mount County, it is his promise that he is going to make the people of that county proud.


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