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Catakaw detests bad leadership in district#9

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A 2017 legislative aspirant Cllr. Miller Catakaw has criticized whathe terms “bad leadership” suffered by his people in Montserrado CountyElectoral District #9, vowing to make things better if electedin October this year.

“We see the need for our people to sleep under current; we see theneed to improve the living condition of our people, and we see theneed for our people to identify their own dignity, because for toolong they have suffered from the hands of bad leadership”, the aspirant said on Friday, 30 December during an interaction with his constituents on24th Street, Sinkor in Monrovia.

While dedicating a market he had constructed in the district, Cllr.Catakaw told residents of District # 9 that it was time thatthey get quality leadership that has been lacking in their district,emphasizing, “The time has come that we rescue our people fromthis bad leadership.”
Residents were seen in jubilant mood when they turned out in theirnumbers in Wroto Town Community of Sinkor in support of Cllr.Catakaw, as the huge crowd marched towards the Wroto Town Marketchanting: “We want Miller, no other person.”
Cllr. Catakaw suggested that what has been a problem for the peoplewas the inadequate leadership that has led the district tobackwardness, saying “for me, I see leadership as a service, humility, something that brings peace, and every good leader should be able toinspire the people.”

He suggested that a leader should be somebody that the people shouldhave hope in when things have broken down on them, but observed thatsuch was lacking in District #9.
The aspirant said the electorate made mistakes in the past by voting people, who could not represent the District’s interest.

Earlier, Wroto Town Market Women Superintendent Madam Victoria Soleeexpressed delight over the dedication of the newly constructed market,saying it was the first time in the history of the district for anaspirant to think about constructing a modern market for the people.

“We the women of this community are very much happy today toreceive this modern market building. Mr. Catakaw has proven himselfbeyond every reasonable doubt that he can adequately [deliver] thisdistrict from the hands of people that we once trusted”, she said.

In addition to dedicating a market in Sinkor, residents of the WeesayCommunity in the same district also benefited Christmas gifts from Cllr. Catakaw. He had donated over 25bags of rice and oil, among other items.

By Lewis S. Teh

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