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Leadership & Motivation

  • Leadership and Motivation P-I

    The true test of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. John F. Kennedy…

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  • Three Global Health Threats

    SAN FRANCISCO – The tragic Ebola outbreak in West Africa has underscored the imperative of strengthening health systems at both…

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  • Emergency Education Now

    DAVOS – In an ideal world, whenever children needed help, they would get it. When girls and boys were forced…

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  • Building a Caring Economy

    DAVOS – Today’s mainstream economic models are based on two fundamental assumptions: first, humans are essentially selfish actors who act…

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  • The New Health-Care Continuum

    DAVOS – The health-care industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Research and development have given us astonishing…

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  • A Wildlife Awakening

    NAIROBI – The World Wildlife Fund’s recently published Living Planet Report 2014 brings some alarming news: wildlife numbers have halved…

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  • New Life in Old Age

    ZURICH – Many of us have seen our aging parents or grandparents lose their independence. In 2012, more than 2.4…

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  • The Russian Threat Runs Out of Fuel

    BRUSSELS – For Europe, the defining event of 2014 was Russia’s annexation of Crimea and military intervention in eastern Ukraine’s…

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  • The War with Radical Islam

    NEW YORK – French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was not speaking metaphorically when he said that France is at war…

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  • The Year of Resilience 1

    NEW YORK – Ten years ago this month, representatives from 168 United Nations member states met in Kobe, the capital…

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