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Rural News

Caterpillars Invade Rivercess

Reports from the South Eastern county of Rivercess say caterpillars are invading farms in the area, but did not say which type of caterpillars.

According to our correspondent, the situation has raised fears among locals, adding that many have abandoned their farms.

Our correspondent say, the worm like caterpillars are said to be destroying food crops, while creeks and rivers use for drinking by the locals are being contaminated by their feces.

Towns said to be affected by the caterpillars are Bangbeh, Dooe ACFI Mission and Krakpo, all in Yarnee Statutory District.

Our reporter said a team of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture have arrived in county to address the situation. The 5-man technical team headed by Gregory Tarplah, Director for Plant Protection, arrived in Cestos over the weekend. The MOA team was joined by their counterpart local, County Agriculture Coordinator, Oliver Teegbeh.

Superintendent Wellington Geevon Smith who spoke to the media confirmed the presence of what seems to be army worms but could not gave further details.

“From the specimen collected by the team that earlier visited those areas, there is a need for fear because of the lives of our people”, Smith noted.

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He stated how crops are being affected. “Even creeks and rivers use by our people as drinking water are affected by the feces of those caterpillars”.

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