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CBL hosts regional financial reporting course

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A regional course on Economic & Financial Report Writing Skills and Presentation Techniques will be held at the Central Bank of Liberia 20-24 May 2019.

Organized by the West African Institute for Financial & Economic Management (WAIFEM), the course is designed to enable participants to structure, write and present more effective economic, financial and other technical reports.
The course will cover the communications process, grammar, writing styles, verbal communications as well as features of technical report-writing. Data handling and analysis in technical reports, guidelines/formats for preparing financial and economic reports, computer applications and legal issues are also components of the course.

At the end of course, participants are expected to be equipped to: use correct grammar structures in the English Language in a clear and concise manner that is related to a specific purpose, audience and readership; organize information in a logical form for both oral and written presentations; write and present better financial and economic reports.

The course is designed for senior/middle level officials in central banks, ministries with financial and economic functions, research institutions and other public and private organizations whose staff are involved in economic and financial reporting.

Participants will find the course very rewarding because of the growing importance of communications technology in responding to the ever-changing business environment.

Institutions that prepare themselves adequately by investing in both internal and external communications with stakeholders are more likely to be more equipped in dealing with the uncertainties of the modern business environment. The course is therefore designed to offer a mastery and proper articulation of oral, written and presentation skills which are necessary for attracting and retaining favorable audiences.

CBL Executive Governor Nathaniel R. Patray, III will make remarks during the opening ceremony.-Press release

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