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CBL Jones spend LD$72m on Senator’s campaign -Jewel

Incumbent Bong County Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, has been bragging; she has told the people of her county how Central Bank Governor J. Mills Jones dished out LD$72 million to her to indirectly fund her senatorial campaign.

Central Bank Governor, Dr. J. Mills Jones

She added that even at the time the CBL has put a halt on giving out micro-loans due to the Ebola epidemic until next year, she recently secured additional funding, as she reminds her prospective voters to now reward her with their votes, because she has in return, given them loans-some she said in LD$500,000, and LD$250,000.

“I went to the Central Bank and bobbied for LD$72 million for Bong County. All, I am trying to do here is for you to say the woman has helped us, (so) let’s give her our votes,” Sen. Taylor said.

Senator Taylor who was speaking doing the launch of her fan club “The Friends of  Jewel” in the county recently further reminded citizens how they sat in the county when only few people were getting loans.

She, therefore, asked them not to be difficult as beneficiaries of her efforts to repay her by granting her another 9 years in office as Senator. The incumbent senator further boasted that she again went at the Central Bank and begged for more money(at this time she asked the journalist to switch off his recorder).

She continued that rather than joining her to get more money from the CBL, others are accusing her of using the fund as her personal money. She said Governor Mills Jones called her for money to help her people, saying “If you want to be President and you want me to be Vice President, you better call me now and start helping my people.”

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Senator Taylor’s comments gives rise to speculation that she may be vying as a presidential running mate to CBL Jones amidst rumor that she had sold the National Patriotic Party to the CBL Governor, a speculation she mentioned during her speech at the launch of her Fan Club. She said in 2005 she did not organized and put in place a structure that would champion her election but that she was doing so this time around.

“So this is the first time I am coming to ask you now, because I have done something for you. I am not saying you people vote for me, I will pay you later,” Sen. Taylor said.

Earlier, Sen. Taylor took a swerve at the Executive saying, “If you act like to say I am not important, I will show you the Presidency, Legislature and Judiciary are on the same line; nobody is higher than their friend”,

She said in fact, the Legislature is the first branch, because  it has the final say, adding, “So if you think you are in the Executive and you want to be turning around, it’s ok; God has given me some wisdom.

She instructed members of her Fan Club to include market women, widows of ex-soldiers, ex-cons, motor bike riders and gasoline sellers, all of whom are beneficiaries the more than LD72 million to go out and  do voluntary work for her re-election. She said campaign posters and T-shirts will be given to them.

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