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CDA wants US$0.5 million to feed Liberia

The Cooperative Development Agency or CDA is optimistic that with adequate funding from government it could feed Liberia for two years and subsequently stop rice importation.

“When national government provides us with adequate funding around half a million, we can feed Liberia for the period of two years”, said CDA Director General Madam Regina Sokanteah.

She made the request recently in response to journalists’ question how the CDA should feed Liberia.

Madam Sokanteah disclosed that CDA, under her watch has made significant progress, boosting staffs from 43 to about 74 to ensure adequate service nationwide.

She said the CDA has also conducted nationwide situational assessment to determine the actual productive capacities of cooperatives in Liberia, reminding.

that the Agency is the legal, technical, educational and administrative regulatory arm of government responsible for all cooperative activities in the country, adding that the CDC is to identify, mobilize, register and regulate grassroots farm and non-farm based individuals into viable cost effective socioeconomic cooperative entities.

“We also provide technical expertise such as training and dispute settlement amongst cooperative societies and their members.”

She disclosed that the CDA has identified 625 cooperatives across the country that are engaged in 10 major productive sectors with the potential to attract investment and create jobs, induce income generation activities and buttress community development.

Madam Sokanteah continued that the Agency also provides in-depth cooperative training programs to members of over 1,050 board of directors, 750 management teams and general membership of over 150 active cooperative societies around the country, focusing on cooperative good governance principles, financial management, business plan development and marketing skills, among others.

“We also build the marketing portfolio of 25 smallholder Cocoa farmers’ cooperative in Bong, Lofa, Nimba, and Grand Gedeh counties through collaboration with development partners”, she explained.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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