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CDC Accuses Kakata Mayor

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The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has accused Kakata City Mayor, Eddie Murphy of denying them access to public facilities (building) for use during their just ended convention which was held in the Francis Mitchell Memorial Academy (school) Auditorium.

CDC chairman in Margibi, James Tarnue said despite the earlier arrangement made by the party with the Kakata City Mayor’s office for the use of the Kakata City Hall during their convention, they were denied on ground that the City Mayor is a stalwart (partisan) of the regime (Unity Party) and that he does not want the opposition to used the facilities.

According to our correspondent, the CDC local office claimed to have met with Eddie Murphy’s Administrative Assistant ( Eddie Seyboe) and discussed with him the planned convention of their party asking for permission to use the City Hall.

Tarnue said they Cdceans were then told to called back for respond which they did but there were no positive respond. James Tarnue termed the failure by the City Mayor’s office as a “syndicate” which denied them the used of the Hall.

“The Mayor being a stalwart of the ruling Unity Party did what he was instructed to do by ensuring  that CDC convention did not go on, but God being our maker, he found another avenue and every things went well,” the CDC local stated.

James Tarnue, who seems to have filed a formal complaint with the National Election Commission (NEC) and Internal Affairs Ministry against Mayor Murphy said CDC is a lawful party, therefore, she will continue to play by the rules of the game.

In respond, Kakata City Mayor labeled the claimed as “diabolical lies” which intended to destroyed his relationship with the local people. Eddie Murphy said the CDC chairman not being “innovative,” failed to plan properly ahead of time for which he is looking for “scape goat”.

Murphy said there were procedures in acquiring the Hall but CDC’s Tarnue refused to follow those guidelines to get the Hall ahead of some young Liberian Musicians who had earlier booked the place.

The Mayor who failed to name some of  those procedures which he claimed the CDC did not followed stated that the Ministry of Justice also wanted to use the Hall, but was denied on ground that some group had already arranged for it.

“I could not throw the children out.  I told Tarnue to go and have a compromise with the musical group for which he refused to do but decided to shift blame on others. Why some people are so wicked?” he asked.

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