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CDC calls for joint-action against COVID-19

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The national executive committee of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC calls on all citizens and residents residing within the borders of Liberia to treat with utmost seriousness the second wave outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

Coalition cautions against the danger of downplaying the severity of the new variant, which it says, inflicts devastating impacts on people, economy, and social life.

In a release, the party calls for collective action in the fight to counter the spread, protect lives, save the economy from the devastating attendants of COVID-19, while easing (mounting) pressure on the country’s challenged healthcare delivery infrastructure.

Emphasizing its calls for unity against the pandemic, the party describes the new COVID-19 variant as an existential strain, which poses the biggest national security challenge to the health, economy and survival of the State, its citizens and friends.

Nevertheless, the statement continues that regardless of its peril to daily life; COVID can be defeated when all, irrespective of ethnicity or religion, put aside politics and embrace the practice and dissemination of effective healthcare measures.

At the same time the CDC calls on all political parties, religious leaders, traditional chiefs, civil society actors and cultural groups to unite and defeat the virus. 

It calls for straight adherence to ‘No Mask, No Entrance’ policy at all of its offices and facilities across the country, including its National Headquarters in Congo Town.

The CDC encourages its members to take the lead in getting vaccinated at the nearest health center, keep observing all health measures; wear masks when needed, place sanitation buckets at various entry points at homes and places of work, worship, etc.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change applauds Doctors, Nurses, and all healthcare practitioners for continuously risking their own lives to save others, while caring for the sick and vulnerable.

It calls on local and international partners to support the government’s efforts by donating Personal Protection Equipment for health workers in the frontline against the pandemic. Release

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