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CDC disintegrates – Solo accused of attempted arson on Weah’s house

It appears that things are fast falling apart within the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC as the party’s embattled chairman George Solo continues in his free fall out of favor with political leader, football star turned politician George Weah, amidst allegations of attempted arson attack by the former on the home of the latter.

But Solo told the New Dawn that Weah is noted for creating those myths especially during tension times.

“He once said former President Charles Taylor wanted to kill and burn down his house and during the recent elections, he also told you members of the press that some political parties’ leaders wanted to burn down that same house. Interestingly, what so much about that house everyone wants to destroy,” Solo said of Weah.

The once inseparable bed fellows are becoming monsters in the eyes of their rival supporters within the party, as the age old problems of backbiting, internal wrangling and bickering which have characterized the 8 years life spine of the party rear its ugly head once more-this time with damaging allegations. 

Thus mere anarchy has been loosed upon the party. The falcon no longer hears the falconer; The center of unity from whence supporters were unleashed on the streets to disrupt normal activities of peaceful citizens is no longer holding. Solo allegedly told the paper how Weah called him two days ago and threatened to chase him to Grand Gedeh and Ivory Coast if he (Solo) was not careful.

“The political leader called me about two days ago and threatened me that he will chase me from Monrovia to Grand Gedeh and Ivory Coast. I don’t know the reason behind his threats but I’m man that do not fear people. Following, he insulted me sufficiently and he immediately hangs up on me. I later email (him) but (used) better manner because I cannot go down the line in such manner and faction,” he said.   

The chaos and bad blood among officials within the CDC which have been ongoing for a protracted period surfaced Wednesday morning on a local national radio station breakfast show-The Truth FM breakfast show as the party’s acting Chairman Nathaniel McGill descended into the gutters with out of favour suspended chairman George Solo.

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It all started when Mr. McGill who was a guest on the program mentioned Solo, alleging how the party’s suspended chairman took thugs at the home of Mr. Weah on Tuesday with the intent of setting the CDC political leader’s home ablaze.

McGill told the New Dawn later that the matter is currently before the Rehab Community Depot of the National Police for investigation and the party is seriously considering taking legal action against its suspended chairman for alleged arson attack on their political leader home. Mr. McGill went on further to alleged on air that Solo even hired thugs to threaten his life. He said George Solo made people to call him to threaten him but that he was not afraid. 

let me inform Solo, I am not afraid of the so-called people he’s keeping in his yard. I mean the place he lives. I mean ehn he made people to call me last night saying they will do this, they will drink my blood, and all that kind of stuff, that’s just joke because Solo knows who he is talking about. He is not talking to a child,” McGill quipped.

He said at least two persons were arrested in connection to the attempted arson attack on Weah’s home. The police are yet to respond to several calls placed at the station on this matter. Police spokes person Sam Collins who promised to call back on the matter, refuse to pick up his phone several hours later.

However, the wide allegation against out of favor suspended chairman Solo prompted the moderator to call Solo for his reaction. Solo in respond termed the allegation as a lie, describing McGill as someone who is unable to articulate properly and that such lies and chaos within the party continue to present the CDC as a party which is not ready to govern the country.

” All of these issues take us in a realm of chaos and it makes us inappropriate, when we cannot present ourselves in the  format to request for change in our political landscape, when we cannot even govern ourselves,” said Solo of the infighting among officials in the party. He said the lack of leadership within the party is demonstrated by Weah, the party’s leader.

“The lack of leadership (is) from even our political leader whose house Mr. McGill who doesn’t have a house, claiming someone wants to burn.” Solo said the lack of focus within the CDC has made the party incapable of taking a stance on national issues.

“It is understandable because CDC don’t have a position on issues, because CDC has been dysfunctional the last two months with individuals like Mr. McGill parading as if we are ready to govern the Liberian people. And now this behavior from him means for all of us CDCians is putting the CDC in a bigger hole.

Now some CDCians like me want us to stop operating like that and reform the institution, while other CDCians just want to parade….like we don’t have laws and policies.” Solo added.

But McGill who remained on the show described Solo’s comment’s as laughable saying that “the whole country knows George Solo.  They know that Solo operates on violence schemes. And Solo knows that his reputation and mine reputation cannot be matched. He can never matched his reputation with mine. I built my reputation over the years.”

When the moderator asked McGill as to whether he knew Solo to have operated on violence?

McGill said of course.

Pushed further as to whether the CDC has supported violence?

McGill said there were always consequences when Solo made  his violent moves, saying “these things because we never brought it to lightand that’s the reason why the chairman is suspended today-That was after being given several warnings and he continued to behave the way he was behaving that’s the reason why the party was active to say look you did not bring any credibility to CDC, you are a man who has disgraced this party, you always believe the way to operate is to use violence and the CDC will not operate like that.”

He said on the issue of the attempted arson attack on Weah’s home that  the situation was serious. McGill said what Solo should understand is that CDC will not be the same like the CDC under him (George Solo).

“The CDC is a different CDC and Mr. Solo should understand that. If he wanted George Weah to back off to run and now George Weah can’t back off and he sees George Weah as an obstacle to his so-called desire and he wants to harm this man then there is no way. It’s a warning to Solo.” McGill said.

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