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CDC lawmaker mourns

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

Congress for Democratic Change lawmaker for Montserrado County Electoral district #16 Dr. Edward S. Forh, who lost his party primary recently, says he doesn’t feel betrayed by the CDC for choosing an aspirant against him to contest on the party’s ticket in the upcoming general and presidential elections.

At the recent primaries for Montserrado County held at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town, aspirant Dixon W. Seboe defeated Representative Forh, while Mulbah Morlu, the party’s vice chairman for mobilization, defeated incumbent electoral district#10 Representative Julius Berrian.

However, the CDC lawmaker Dr. Forh says he is disappointed over the fact that the party chose someone, whom he claims, does not reside in district#16.“If you asked me I will tell you no, I don’t feel betrayed, but am disappointed about the way and manner in which I was treated by the CDC; even if they wanted to drop me from the party ticket, they should have chosen somebody, who is residing in this district and not someone who does not reside in this district; I see this as a complete disrespect to me and my people”, Representative Forh laments over his fall from the party ticket.

Addressing thousands of supporters on Friday, 23 June who had gone to petition him at his resident in New Kru Town to contest for a third term in the district, Dr. Forh protests that it was unfair for someone like him who is a founding member, and signatory to the party protocol to be treated with so much disrespect.

Supporters from 30 communities in electoral district#16 dressed in T-shirts with the portrait of Rep. Forh and carrying placards with inscription: “30 men cannot decide the fate of our district”, sang, danced and chanted slogans saying, “Your leave us ohhh – Da Hat trick we want and nobody else can redeem this district besides Rep. Forh.”

According to him, the fact that he lost the primary to an outsider, does not stop his chances of contesting for the district seat, optimistically saying “once my supporters stand with me, once they believe in my developmental agenda and all others things I have done in this district, absolutely nothing can stop me from serving my people.”

He continues that though the post is not is personal property, but once his people are willing to support him, he will listen to them. “I have heard you my people and I want to accept your petition that I will contest, but what I want is your support, because where ever I go, and the decision I will make, you must follow and agree with me.”

Speaking on behalf of the various communities, the overall chair of all community chairs, Mr. Ebenezer Borbor told the crowd that it was important that the people of New Kru Town elect somebody that understands the inner working of the legislature, not someone that will find it difficult to grab.

According to him, Dr. Forh has been an outstanding member of the 53rd Legislature, and has committed himself to the people of district#16, so they are unanimous in carrying him for a third term to redeem the district from individuals who are incompetent.

“We want to state very clearly here that Rep. Edward Forh is the only man that we believe can transform the living condition of our people, we think the 30 men that went for the primary are bunch of failures and unserious minded people.”

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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