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CDC predicts 2017 ‘must win battle’

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaAs the country and its political actors gradually gravitate toward the 2017 Elections in the ‘absence’ of incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the National Chairman of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC has announced that the 2017 is ‘must win battle’ for the party.

Mr. Nathaniel McGill said the CDC of Senator George Weah has spent longer time in the corridors of power, and that the party and partisans were not taking the 2017 Presidential election lightly. 

“The true test of your loyalty, commitment and dedication to this great party is still ahead. All your scarifies, labor and efforts would have gone in vain if we did not take this party to victory in 2017. I believe you are ready to do political battle; you are ready to change the course of history- to turn your suffering into joy; to give your people hope- you are ready to save land and secure peace,” Mr. McGill said during his recent induction ceremony as National Chairman of the CDC in Monrovia.  

Despite building a strong confidence for the 2017  presidential race, McGill said the CDC cannot, alone, win the race, but collaborate with others in capturing the nation’s highest post.

“We cannot, alone, win this political battle, but must enlist the support of broad segments of our population. As present and future guardians of the peace and security of this country, we must always continue to exhibit the attributes of tolerance and respect for the rule of law, even in the face of provocation- knowing and understanding the fragility of our country and its susceptibility crisis and implosion,” he added.

Apparently in the direction of raising funds for the development of the party, the CDC launched the ‘dollar rally recently’, comparing every electoral district within Montserrado County to pay US$1000 and senior party officials  a huge amount.

Chairman McGill urged both partisans and sympathizers to continue to work to build the party and heal the land and secure the peace. 

“To hasten the day when all people- from Salala to Cestos City; from Bokun Gedeh to Saclepea – from Vahun to Barobo District; from Bopulo to Cape Montserrado- a day when all our people from and through every nook and cranny of this great country will draw a collective national sighs of relief from poverty,” the CDC Chair noted. 

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor  

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