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CDC rallies support from abroad

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Chairman Mulbah Morlu, is lobbying within Africa for support to the George Manneh Weah’s administration.

Presenting a statement on behalf of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, Chairman Morlu utilized the global stage to commend the ideological, practical and leadership vision of the President of the People’s Republic of China for leading his country through a period of great reform and economic rejuvenation.

He praised the success of the economic development module of the Chinese people under President Xi Jinping, which is based on the development of ‘The wellbeing of the people’.

Chairman Morlu notes that the forum being held under the theme ‘The theory and practice of the exploration of development paths suited to national conditions’, presents a suited opportunity for African countries to revaluate their module of development and, where necessary, readjust to people priorities in their respective countries.

The conference is under the sponsorship of Communist Party of China. The CDC’s delegation led by party Chairman Mulbah Morlu while appreciating the government and people of the People’s Republic of China for its development support to the government of President Weah, called on African political parties to adopt the module of economic development that puts people and their wellbeing first.

He admonished African leaders to continue to prioritize the development needs of their respective countries and avoid national development programs that do not necessarily address the needs of the people.

He cited Liberia as an emerging example of good African leadership, attributing the huge public support that is being enjoyed by President Weah’s ‘Pro Poor’ development goals as traceable testament to his prioritization of the needs of the people.

Addressing the high-level dialogue, which was opened and launched by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, Chairman Morlu made the case for China’s continuance of support to the people-centered government of President George M. Weah.

The Chairman, accompanied by Vice Chairman Sidiki Fofana and Deputy Secretary Ronald Mendscole, reiterated the importance of sustainable international support for the young government of President Weah.

Narrating the success of the forum, the CDC delegation presented to the body of over hundred political parties assembled that, the huge steps President Weah has taken to drive Liberia through vital economic, infrastructural and political reform, buttress the need for the continuation of said support.

He encouraged African nations and business partners to take advantage of the accountable policies of the Liberian leader to invest in the country, explore its unique natural features, which are rich for tourism, and enjoy the great reception of the friendly people of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the delegation also met with the Vice Minister of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at a high-level closed-door Dialogue attended only by members of the CDC delegation.

During this private session, the two officials pledged to work together to strengthen the relationship between the Coalition for Democratic Change and the Communist Party of China.

At the end of the meeting, Vice Minister Xu Lyuping responds to Mr. Morlu’s request for educational and vocational training opportunities for young men and women, committed to working with the party to help in the empowerment of young men and women, as well as in other areas of needed support.

–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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