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CDC reacts to Oscar Bloh

The Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC has expressed explicit confidence in the robustness of the authorities of the National Elections Commission or NEC in enforcing the electoral laws and guidelines. 

Chairman Nathaniel McGill noted that as a result of such robustness, the Commission has already decertificated over 13 political parties.
Chairman McGill’s comments were in reaction to recent comments on Prime FM attributed to the head of the Election Coordinating Committee of Liberia, Mr. Oscar Bloh that the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections were heading for constitution crisis.
Mr. Bloh had said that Article 80 (d) and (e) mandate the Liberian Legislature to take action ahead of presidential and Representative Elections in order to make the elections legitimate and legal before the laws of the land.
But the CDC Chairman claimed that Mr. Bloh misinterpreted the Constitution, also failing to understand the provisions of the organic law of the land.
According to him, it would rational and logical for civil society heads who, he said, survive on the donors’ funding, to counter-check their facts before making public statements.
He claimed that the statement was intended to put unnecessary fears in the minds of peaceful Liberians ahead of the elections.
Article 80 (d) states that ‘each constituency shall have an approximately equal population of 20,000 or such number of citizens as the Legislature shall prescribe in keeping with population growth and movements as revealed by a national census; provided that the total number of electoral constituencies in the Republic shall not exceed one hundred, while (e) states that ‘Immediately following a national census and before the next elections, the Elections Commission shall reapportion the constituencies in accordance with the new population figures so that every constituency shall have as close to the same population as possible, provided, however, that a constituency must be solely within a county.

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