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CDC receives more salvos

The opposition Rainbow Alliance has criticized President George Manneh Weah and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for keeping Liberians hungry and showing that they are unable to create jobs for the young people while women here have been degraded due to poverty.

While celebrating the certification of the Rainbow Alliance by the National Elections Commission (NEC) Monday, 31 August, officials of the opposition Rainbow Alliance in various statements at the E.J. Roye Building on Ashmun Street rallied women and young people’s support to retire the CDC in 2023 to rescue the nation.

Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe, Political Leader of the Vision of Liberian Transformation Party (VOLT), a constituent party of the Rainbow Alliance says the Rainbow Alliance comes as a solution to Liberian’s problems, urging members and supporters to talk to others and win them over in preparation to win the next election.

“We have reached a point that we need to work harder. You women that [are] sitting down, some of us the reason we got into this political race is because of you. The reason we got into this race it is because of you, it’s because of your children” Dr. Whapoe says.

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He tells the women wing and the youth wing of the Rainbow Alliance that if they have not seen anything in this country to make them frustrated to stand up to fight for this country, he does not know when they will be frustrated.

“With me I’m so frustrated this is why you see me here. Today I believe some of you here y’all say you have not started your day,” he says in a Liberian way to indicate that others have not eaten since day.

Dr. Whapoe laments Liberia’s failure since becoming an independent state in 1847 to be able to put food on the table for its people, saying the country has been sold to foreigners because of poverty here.

“Because of poverty in this country, our country has been sold to foreigners,” he says, adding that women have been degraded in the country because of poverty.

However Dr. Whapoe notes that in the Rainbow Alliance, there will be no mountain too high that they cannot climb, and there is no sea too deep that they cannot swim.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Dan Saryee, National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), a constituent party of the Rainbow Alliance today is the initiation to prepare for the retirement of the CDC.

“Today is the initiation to prepare for the retirement of the CDC. You are here to decide the retirement and how the CDC would be retired by 2023,” Mr. Saryee says.

“There’s something as I stand here that I feel and I know you all would feel. For some reasons I can’t breathe. Are you also not feeling the same way? Somebody is sitting on our neck,” Mr. Saryee says.

He accuses President Weah of creating policies that are keeping the people hungry and showing that he is unable to create jobs for the young people.

“They are showing that our country is slowly going down the drain; we are here as a rescue team and we cannot rescue without you. We must do it now before posterity holds us accountable,” says Mr. Saryee.
Mr. Saryee says he believes that even those who are responsible are looking for ways for people to help them to rescue the country.

Comparing the politics here to sports, Mr. Saryee says if you are a coach of a team and there is a player wearing the finest boots who boasts that he is the one who has the goal for the team, you give him a try for the first, second and third time, but he fails.

“We tried him for 2014 and he scored the goal some kind of way but he got stuck somewhere. In 2017 you say take it and score the goal, now a new game is coming. We took the goal under the agreement for hope for change, not so? Where is your hope?” Mr. Saryee asks.

He claims that the hope has been dashed so early, urging Liberians to take the Rainbow Alliance as their choice to rescue the country.

By Winston W. Parley

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