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CDC regime responsible for students’ blood

Gongloe Team alleges

Liberian presidential hopeful and human rights lawyer Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe’s support base says it holds the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) regime responsible for the brutality meted against students of the University of Liberia (UL).

The statement titled “STUDENTS’ BLOOD STAINS ON THE HANDS OF GOVERNMENT-AIDED THUGS,” was released Sunday, 31 July 2022, condemning the brutal attack against some members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) on 26 July.

“This said, we hold the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) regime responsible for the brutality meted against some members of the Student Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia,” the statement said.

“We would like to add that the stains of the students’ blood are on the hands of the thugs, ruffians or hoodlums the government aided and unleashed to harm the students,” the statement added. 

The group argued that part of the ingredients of democracy is the inalienable right of people to assemble and express their displeasure – in the form of protest – at their government’s failure to deliver. 

Once they do so civilly, Cllr. Gongloe’s supporters contend that any heavy hand in dealing with them is arbitrary and unlawful.

During Liberia’s 175th Independence Day celebration, members of the campus-based SUP party gathered outside the United States Embassy near Monrovia to protest against the CDC regime, far from where the indoor program was being held.

They had gathered to call public attention to the dismal performance of the government under President George Manneh Weah’s watch. 

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But the independence celebration turned bloody when government supporters calling themselves CDC Council of Patriots (CDC-COP) attacked and wounded several students outside the Embassy.

The government is yet to make any arrest despite videos and photos of the perpetrators flooding social media, in addition to the suspects holding a press conference to justify their action.

One of the attacked students was stripped naked and his video went viral on social media.

“The Liberians For Gongloe (LIFOGO) movement categorically condemns the barbaric act in the strongest terms,” the group said.

It calls on all Liberians home and abroad, regardless of their political and religious shades, to speak out against the “creeping” despotism of CDC/President Weah.

The Gongloe supporters cautioned that Liberians cannot and should not allow this beautiful country to degenerate into barbarism again.

“Because the Liberia National Police took no actions to curb the so-called CDC Council of Patriots who were attacking the student protesters, irrefutably the Weah-led Administration sanctioned the ruthlessness,” the Gongloe Team claims.

It says the government must bear in mind that its ringleaders will account for this despicable act.

“For history teaches us that regardless of how long degenerate kings may stay in power, nemesis always has a way of catching up with them,” the group warns.

It states that the unbridled fact is the performance of this government is nothing to write home about. 

The group accuses the government of rendering Liberia uncomfortable to inhabit, adding that its citizens have become poorer than they were prior to the coming of the CDC Government.

“Yet the regime does not care about the wellbeing of its people. What concerns its principals is corruption/daylight stealing of our taxes and other resources –fully aware that their actions impair Liberia’s progress.”

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