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CDC rejects ruling

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President Weah’s governing Coalition for Democratic Change out rightly opposes ruling by the hearing officer of the National Elections Commission, calling for rerun in all 20 quarantined polling places in the July 29 Montserrado County Electoral District #15 by-election, terming it as “unacceptable.”

Addressing a news conference here Wednesday, 14 August immediately following the ruling, CDC national chairman Mulbah Morlu, said the ruling establishment will resist such unwarranted action by the National Elections Commission.
He claims there are evil people planted at the NEC, who are serving as opposition against the CDC and the will of residents of District #15, who spent hours in queue to cast their ballots in favor of their candidate Abu Kamara.

The NEC recently declared opposition Liberty Party (LP’s) candidate Abraham Darius Dillon winner of the July 29 Montserrado County Senatorial by-election, while provisional results put opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) Representative candidate for electoral district #15 Ms Telia Urey 42.68 percent, ahead of CDC’s Abu Kamara, 41.48 percent

“This tragedy requires immediate action as we begin the fight to wield out ‘Sleepy Cells’ in ministries and agencies actively working against the President’s agenda,” Morlu further claims without stating clearly the agenda of the President.

But Mr. Weah had vowed that a Urey would never win election in Liberia under his rule. He made the statement at the launch of campaign for now defeated CDC senatorial candidate Pualita Wie.

According to him, the CDC acknowledges not every opposition member in the government needs to be replaced, since there are few others that are supportive in service, continuing to be productive though they may not be members of CDC.

Morlu maintains they have proof that some of the most serious problems for the new government are traceable to over 60 percent so-called ‘technocrats’ & senior officials of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s regime, dead-weights & counter-revolutionary forces left in charge before President George Manneh Weah came to the Presidency.

“These so-called ‘Technocrats’ & senior officials of the Sirleaf era don’t have special skills that our partisans lack; they’re neither educated than our people, nor are they more experienced,” he foams in apparent frustration from being on the verge of losing two by-elections right in the ruling Coalition’s stronghold just a year after taking power.

He continues that to the contrary, they’re the holes on the ship with ‘small small’ leakages Unity Party creating at night, while smiling with CDCians during the day to mislead & distract.

“They created this messy economy we inherited, and they’re deepening the mess on a daily basis to keep making our President look bad. This act of Voodoo governance and political witchcraft must be stopped. Notwithstanding, despite the indisputable facts that we inherited a damaged economy, we are nonetheless committed to fixing it to make life better for our people,” the angry chairman assures partisans and supporters.
Morlu reiterates recent call for President Weah to re-evaluate his appointment strategies in order to employ more partisans, for he notes that no one can protect his(Weah’s) vision for change like CDCeans.

“And the problem is not just restricted to Unity Party people in government, but some of our own officials are also not helping the President, some of their actions giving CDCeans the regrettable basis to wonder whether this is still their own government. How did it come to this that in certain agencies of government, our people are treated as though they’re still in opposition, though this is their government! The other day I visited one ministry and learnt that CDCeans are being targeted and subdued in the workplace, and cannot fully express themselves in regards to their membership to the CDC,” the ruling party chair concludes. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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