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CDC’s purported blacklist

A purported leaked list containing names of past and present government officials as well as stalwarts of the outgoing ruling Unity Party has been circulating around Monrovia and the internet as those the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC has labeled those desiring rest from government appointment.

While the purported list carries the headline, “Rest List” some have described it as a hit list or a black list, with many of those named branded as hardcore critics of the CDC below is the full list.
The below listed individuals need to take a break for the corridor of power. Not only did their hardline anti CDC anti Weah rhetoric tried to stained the impeccable reputation of our Political leader and party, but they have the propensity to undermined our efforts to succeed in order to validate their assertion that our leadership will destroy the nation we seek to save.
1. Thomas Kaydor
2. Rufus Neufville
3. Stephen Johnson
4. Saye-Maye Cole
5. Mulbah Yorgbor
6. Lence Gbargoyan
7. Mohammed Ali
8. Boakai Jalibah
9. Morris Kromah
10. Kulah V. Fofanah
11. Ali Syllah
12. Eugene Nagbe
13. Abu Kamara
14. Francis Grant
15. To be continued …
16. Tarnue Jekeh
17. Darlingtton Smith
18. Patrick Honnah
19. AB kromah
20. Melvin Bettie
21. Eric Sayee
22. Jacob Jallah
23. Risck Barsigiah
24. Saye Quinkpa
25. Robert Wilson
26. Chester Dweh
27. Joseph Howe
28. Martin Pennie
29. Willie dweh
30. Amos Williams
31. Matthew Nyenplu
32. Neto zaza Liah
33. Patrick M’bayo
34. Varlay Dorley
35. Abraham Dorley
36. Gbeh Salinto Montgomery
37. Abraham Johnson
38. Amos Tweh
39. Abel Blackie
40. Augustus Zayzay
41. Julius Berrain
42. Urias Goll
43. Harry Artoe
44. Kamo Vaye
45. Nyan Twanyan
46. Thomas Nyansuah
47. Augustus Pinton Randall
48. Emmanuel Adam
49. Hilary P. Sackie
50. Dennis Bartee
51. Jamesetta Gilayeneh Smith
52. Johnson Sloan
53. Mohammed Kiawu
54. Benedict Williams
55. Steve Marvie
56. Martin Saye Kollah
57. Philip Garjay Innis
58. Charles Allen
59. Jerry Tarbolo)
60. Mariah Quaye Kpalleh
61. Jani Jallah-Kollie
62. Togar Joash Hodges
63. Wade Allison
64. Frederick Mulbah
65. Robert Sonkarlay
66. Robert M. kpadeh
67. Jeramilink Pia
Make no mistake this is no hate list or black this.. this is a thank you God bless you for your service please take a break list! @Isaac Doe Augustine, @Janjay Baikpeh josephine davis, mamensie, mamena carr, @Mohammed M. Bamba Jr. And many other competent degree holding cdcians can serve too.
Any attempt to appoint anyone on this list will be fiercely resisted! We trust the judgment of our leaders! Till then we submit!

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