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CDC selling Representatives slots?

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe former National Secretary General of the Congress for DemocraticChange or CDC’s USA Chapter Laraamand S. Nyonton has made claims thatthe main opposition CDC sells party slots as its only winning strategy.

Speaking Wednesday, 5 April at a press conference held at the AllLiberian Party or ALP Headquarters, Mr. Nyonton claimed that out of 17CDC slots in Montserrado County, the party has allegedly decided not to go for primary for 13 slots over claims that they are preservedfor some CDCians who the party claimed to have stood behind politicalleader Sen. George Weah.

But Mr. Nyonton is also claiming that the slots are not just preservedby the CDC on the basis of the partisans’ loyalty to Sen. Weah, ratheralleging that the slots were paid for by those for whom they are preserved.

Having cited his displeasure over the way things are going in the CDC,Mr. Nyonton officially joined the ALP on 5 April, saying he joined theparty because of principles and not for politics.

The former CDC US Chapter official now claims that Liberia deservesbetter than a CDC led Government, having quit the party. Accepting hismembership with the ALP on Wednesday, 5 April, ALP Political leader Mr. Benoni Urey said Mr. Nyonton made no wrong decision in coming overto the ALP.

The businessman turned politician told his new member that the ALPaccepts any Liberian, whether poor or rich, saying ALP does notbelieve in tribalism. Mr. Urey used the event to call on President Ellen Johnson – Sirleafto reconsider her decision to get Mr. Edward Dillon out of theOmbudsmen, raising fears that Mr. Dillon was not neutral and that hewould not be fair.

Mr. Urey based his arguments on claims that Mr. Dillon is a brother ofDarius Dillon who is an officiating member of opposition Liberty Partyor LP. in his conclusion, Mr. Urey appealed that the Government releases equipmentthat were confiscated from his radio station, saying the problem waswith the frequency and not the equipment that were forcibly takenaway.

But LP Vice Chairman Mr. Darius Dillon says Mr. Urey is an empty framewho nobody talks. He claimed that people only get to know Mr. Ureywhen his son Costa sits on their radio and talk about him. On the basis of such claim, Mr. Dillon has alleged that Mr. Urey is thereforelooking for audience.
By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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