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CDC silent on Weah’s ambition

Liberia’s main opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change appears uncertain whether or not its political leader and Montserrado County Senator-elect, George Weah “will be President in 2017”, saying Weah’s concern “right now is about how he can handle the new portfolio” as senator.

Opposed to CDC’s previous insistence that Weah would succeed President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the party’s Secretary General  Nathaniel McGill, told Radio France International on Tuesday morning, 30 December that it’s “too early” to speak to Weah’s presidential intent because he was concerned about his new portfolio right now.

“So whether or not George Weah will be President in 2017 is a decision that we’ll make and the party will decide. It’s too early for me to say. I think what George Weah is concerned about right now is about how he can handle the new portfolio … as Senator for Montserrado,” Mr. McGill told RFI.

After two consecutive defeats for the presidency and vice presidential posts in 2005 and 2011, the former soccer legend turned politician won the senatorial seat for Montserrado County, defeating his main challenger Robert Sirleaf, son of President Ellen President Sirleaf.

The Congress for democratic Change is mainly rooted in Montserrado County where Weah has won his first biggest political office, after resigning as Liberia’s Peace Ambassador.

McGill said the party will make a decision very soon on who will be the presidential candidate on the party ticket, though he maintained that “George Weah is the leader of our party.”

“It will be premature if I say that George Weah will not be a candidate; it will also be premature if I just jump up and say he is the candidate because 2017 is still far away. But George Weah is the leader of our party. And we will look forward to George Weah running, but that decision will be made when we get to 2017,” he added.

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Bragging that lot of Liberians believes that Weah is the “singular most popular individual in the country,” McGill said he gives 112 percent support to Weah’s presidential ambition because he has the heart of the Liberian people.

“And George Weah deserves to be President, because George Weah has done so much for this country.” 

By Winston W. Parley

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