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CDC, UP officials restless for Bong

Supporters of opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP) including some of their executives appear to remain restless in a political battle for Bong County, with both sides persuading voters against the other.

The CDC and the UP are due to meet at a presidential runoff election scheduled for 26 December, after 20 presidential candidates contested the 10 October presidential and representatives’ elections with none of them acquiring 50 percent plus one vote to assume the presidency.

Speaking on a community radio station recently in the County, CDC Bong County chairman and Representative – Elect Mr. Josiah Marvin Cole claimed that CDC Vice Presidential Candidate Sen. Jewel Howard – Taylor represents Bong County at the Upper House, and therefore there is no way that the people of the County can abandon her vice presidential bid and support UP’s James Emmanuel Nuquay.

Mr. Cole claims that if the people of Bong County support House Speaker Nuquay, they will not be counted during the times of developments, adding that the Speaker will only prioritize Margibi because there he comes from.

He alleges that Speaker Nuquay has played gamble with his job as House Speaker due to his decision to seek the Vice Presidency, the country’s second highest post. He wants residents of the County to support Senator Taylor for a better Liberia.

Also speaking to the NewDawn, electoral District #2 Representative Mr. Prince Kermue Moye attributes the support of Senator Taylor by Bong residents to the alleged abject poverty introduced in the County.

Rep. Moye claims that Sen. Taylor has served as Senator for Bong County for the past 13 years, but she has not been able to make residents of the County feel her impact. He maintains that when she is given the opportunity to serve the post of Vice President, she will do nothing to benefit the County.

According to him, there is a need for the Kpelle people to vote the “Boakai – Nuquay” Ticket on grounds that Speaker Nuquay is from the Kpelle tribe.

Observation by this paper establishes that CDC continues to gain ground in Bong County, evidenced by remarks from various callers on the community radio stations in the county.

There are many people especially CDCians, who believe that if Senator Taylor wins the post, Bong County will improve developmentally. But supporters of the governing UP continue to dismiss the claim, arguing that Sen. Taylor will influence Sen. George M. Weah if he wins the presidency and makes a CDC leadership like that of former President Charles G. Taylor.
The debate regarding the CDC and UP vote in Bong has been a major concern in the central regional county.

The major campaign message of the CDC in Bong County is “Bong County’s Interest”, a message the CDC supporters believe will help to make Bong residents to understand why Sen. Taylor should be supported.

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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