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CDC’s mountain from a molehill

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President George Manneh Weah’s governing Coalition for Democratic Change is building a mountain from a molehill here after opposition leader Alexander B. Cummings’ recent response to instead, debate with the President than his surrogates.

Mr. Cummings, political leader of the Alternative National Congress and chairman of four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in the country had thrown out the challenge to President Weah after the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill said on social media that he’s prepared to debate the CPP leader on President Weah’s performance into his nearly three years leadership.

But the ruling CDC is fuming over the opposition leader’s response to a challenge that had originated in fact, from the government itself. CDC chairman Mulbah Morlu, argues that it is unspeakable that the leader of a political party would want to debate with a seated President far ahead of a political campaign or an electioneering process.

We disagree totally with Morlu on this one. How effective is an opposition leader anywhere around the world if he or she cannot critically checkmate the ruling administration, especially, the President who presides over the governance of state and is chief architect of policies that affect lives of the people? The CDC chair should state clearly who is to scrutinize the daily workings of the government in power if not the opposition as an alternative national leadership?

In the first place, it is an official of the Weah administration that threw out the challenge, and as leader of the opposition, Mr. Cummings only responded, rather preferring to debate with the President whom he seeks to replace at the ballot box than his surrogates.

But the apparently less busy CDCians from the level of party chairman and others are raging with emotions, attempting to raise a mountain out of an issue that is as plain as it should be. For the record, Mr. Weah has not participated in any serious national debate with is opponents in past elections and the CDC knows that.

Mr. Cummings only responded thru his facebook page, “The truth is, there is no debate that this Weah-led government is corrupt, incompetent, and that as a result, Liberians are suffering! But if they are serious about a debate, I prefer to debate Pres. Weah himself.” We wonder what is wrong with this response that has put the ruling party on fire.

The ruling Coalition should call press conferences to address matters such as rampant rape of our babies and teenage girls by heartless men in society, jobs creation, and youth empowerment, among others rather than sounding like an empty drum.

Now that Minister McGill, chairman Morlu and the likes have transitioned from opposition and ascended to the glasshouse, they should stop throwing stones and get themselves busied with advancing the progress of Liberia rather than looking for molehills to elevate.

The achievements of any elected government are known by the level of impact is making on the lives of the people instead of constantly talking or defending itself, for its thru deeds, not words.

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