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Celebrating Christmas for a Purpose

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Christmas – an annual Holy Season commemorating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is observed most commonly world-wide as a religious celebration by millions of people – mainly, Christians.

The celebration of Christmas, especially in Liberia, is characterized by gift-sharing among children, families and friends (in whatever manner or form), the best meals – whether Jollof Rice, Collard Greens or cabbage, as well as other forms of marry-making.

Because these and other aspects of Christmas are punctuated by increased economic activities, the ‘season’ has become a very, very important event and vital sales season for business people across Liberia, retailers and commercial drivers.

But what does Christmas really mean for us? Is it just the gift-sharing among children, families, friends and loved ones? Is it really the Jollof Rice, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Torborgee or the dancing and other forms of merry-making? Is it just wishing each other Merry Christmas or extending compliments of the season? These may be, but a few of the many questions that require answers.

Christmas is a time of sorrow for many people, especially those who may not have the cash to engage in all of the pomp and pageantry befitting the day’s celebration. Others may also be saddened during this Holy Season upon reflecting on the absence of the loved ones from home for various reasons. Whatever meals that are prepared for Christmas may only be a wish in the absence of the reality for some Liberians.

Despite the foregoing, Christmas can be a great and joyous season – a time when we experience the great love of the Almighty God; a time when we are healed and our strength renewed.

When we celebrating the birth of Christ Child, it is truly Christmas; the Almighty God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to be born – a birth the brought joy to the world; and such joy will continue to remain the SALVATION He gave us through His death on the cross on Calvary.

As we celebrate this Holy Season, we must remember such SALVATION as the main reason why we as a people celebrate Christmas in Liberia just as others around the globe. Just as Christ loved the church and us, we, too, must love our neighbors just as we love ourselves.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR from the Management and Staff of the New Dawn-Liberia !!! 

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