Cellcom Invests US$60 Million in New Infrastructure

The management of Cellcom GSM has announced that it has invested close to sixty million United States dollars (US$60 million) in new technologies that are expected to significantly overhaul its existing network and transform the telecommunications industry with the best and fastest voice and data technologies available on the international market. The new investment, when launched will place Cellcom way ahead of its competition.

Although company management remains tightlipped about exactly what it is set to release, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Avishai Marziano said that the investment Cellcom is making is one of the most significant in mobile telecommunications in Liberia in recent years. “We want this to be a really big surprise for the Liberian people. What we are bringing will be a gift from Cellcom to all our loyal customers and to the people of Liberia.”

Mr. Marziano said that Cellcom’s investment will provide more employment, open up new avenues for education, healthcare delivery in the country. “We expect that all sectors of the Liberian economy will be impacted by this investment and that on the overall Liberian citizen and the country’s wealth will be improved,” Mr. Marziano added further. When probed on the release date of the new technologies, Mr. Marziano simply responded “very soon.”

Cellcom’s management says that this investment goes well beyond the US$2.5 million capital investment the company has put into the international submarine fiber cable, ACE. Chief Corporate Communications Strategist, Kimmie Weeks, noted that even with the arrival of fiber capacity, Cellcom still needed to invest heavily in new infrastructure that would deliver the best services.

“We’ve invested a lot in getting the cable to Liberia and building the infrastructure around it but even before the commercialization of the international fiber capacity, we are launching a series of new technologies that will revolutionize telecommunications industry in Liberia,” Weeks said.

Kimmie Weeks further added that Cellcom has strategically looked at advancing its technology in a way that would advance and impact the lives of the Liberian people. He observed that “in the past, Cellcom has done a lot in supporting healthcare, education, economic empowerment, and promoting access to information initiatives. So, when we went to the drawing board to decide what technologies to deploy, we choose those that would help improve these sectors of society.”

Weeks added that when deployed, Cellcom’s new technology would help to improve living standards, boost employment and contribute to Liberia’s economic growth. “We will be leading the way into Liberia’s future as no other network has ever done,” Weeks remarked.

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