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Cellcom Launches CelLife Insurance Program

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaLiberia’s Vice President Joseph Boakai has praised Cellcom GSM company for contributing to the communication industry here. Veep Boakai said Liberians began to experience changes in the prices of both SIM Cards and cell phones after the emergence of Cellcom on the local market.


According to him, the company’s creativity in communication business has also been one of the contributing factors that led to the reduction of call rates, phones and SIM Cards prices thus, creating space for more Liberians to own mobile phones.

Speaking at program marking the launch of Cellcom’s new mobile program, ‘Scratch for life or CelLife’ over the weekend, Ambassador Boakai said the company has also provided job opportunities for Liberians through its many programs.

CelLife is an innovative micro-insurance product that gives each Cellcom subscriber a chance to get free life insurance coverage by scratching at least US$5.00 every month. The coverage affords subscribers to “plan ahead for the end.”

Subscribers of the CelLife program who meet the monthly US$5.00 scratch requirement are automatically covered under an insurance payment as high as US$10, 000. The Vice President noted that the company has made the comparative market huge in Liberia with its presence and activities here.

In response, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cellcom GSM Company Avishai Marziano, recalled that seven years ago, Cellcom offered the Liberian people a choice they longed for and truly deserved. He described it as a choice between the past and the future – a choice between innovative solutions.

Marziano said CelLife affords all Cellcom subscribers a better chance of living today for the future, adding that CelLife is an insurance payment that is as high as US$10, 000.00, and that payment will be processed and received within 72 hours.

He explained that the program covers subscribers from age 18 to 65. Secondly he said, CelLife does not discriminate based on previous medical history and or current complications.

“CelLife does not require a health certificate. Thirdly, CelLife does not require our subscribers to own a bank account. For the first time ever, insurance coverage is being linked to a trusted, reliable and popular brand. Individuals can improve their personal care and protect the future of their families,” said Marziano.

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