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Cellcom to launch major empowerment program

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaCellcom’s Chief Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks has revealed that Cellcom will launch a major empowerment program for Liberia today. The launch will take place at a “by invitation only” cocktail reception scheduled to take place at the Monrovia City Hall tonight.

Being held under the theme: “Empowering Liberia” the program will be centered on the announcement of a new Cellcom initiative which will help improve the lifestyle of thousands of Liberians. The new initiative will be officially unveiled at the program by Cellcom’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. John Vasikaran.

Several hundred Liberian and international dignitaries and guests will grace the occasion.   Vice President H.E. Joseph N. Boakai will serve as guest of honor and is expected to be joined by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, telecommunications regulators, and the Chairs of the Senate and House committee on telecommunications.

Although tightlipped about the details of the Empowering Liberia initiative, Dr. Weeks says the initiative will transform the lives of many.  He said:  “The initiative we will announce tonight is something that we are truly proud of and we know will most likely go down in history as one of, if not the biggest impact of a GSM company on Liberia’s progress and development in recent history.” 

The Empowering Liberia program comes ahead of Cellcom’s tenth year anniversary celebration later this year.   It also is a prelude to plans by the new CEO to begin a nationwide tour geared at identifying ways in which Cellcom can have a positive impact on the lives of the most Liberian in the least accessible parts of Liberia.

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