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Cellcom under investigation

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Cellcom under The Liberia Telecommunications Authority or LTA has launched an investigation into a complaint filed by the GSM Lonestar MTN Against its counterpart –Cellcom.

In the complaint, according to an LTA release, Lonesrar MTN alleged that Cellcom GSM was deceptively luring Lonestar subscribers through an SMS scheme using Lonestar shortcodes. The messages, copies of which are already in the possession of the LTA, urge Lonestar subscribers to switch to Cellcom’s 3 day special for $1 by texting a shortcode.

Lonestar also alleged that the SMS’ was creating traffic jams on its network, saying such practice was in violation of Part VIII of the Telecommunications Act which deals with Interconnections.  Cellcom has categorically denied the allegations.

The LTA requested the formal submission of evidence by Lonestar to which it complied already.  The regulatory authority has set up a team co-chaired by Engineering Commissioner Henry Benson and International Gateway Services Commissioner Maria Harrison. Their responsibilities will be to ascertain the facts, analyze the evidence and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for subsequent action(s) as may be deemed necessary, according to the LTA release.

Both GSM Networks have pledged to fully cooperate with the investigation, while the LTA has warned any and all third parties involved in SMS schemes to desist 

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