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Cellcom’s 10 winners leave for Brazil

Liberia’s leading GSM Company, Cellcom Telecommunications has announced that 10 lucky winners will leave Liberia this week for Brazil in an all-expense paid trip to experience the World Cup live.  The winners were announced at an extravagant outdoor concert held at the Cellcom headquarters on Capitol By-pass.

According to a Cellcom’s release issued Wednesday, the trip to Brazil promotion is the third of its kind the company has implemented in the last several months. Cellcom recently sent 10 winners to New York and Casablanca, while five lucky couples spent a week in Ivory Coast and Paris.   The trip to Brazil promotion allows the 10 winners to travel to Brazil with airfare, accommodations and tickets to the games paid.

The 10 winners include Korto Williams, Henry Ashitey, John Boley, Celestine Poney, Jackson Musa, Dan Angelo George, Jeremiah Johnson, Wonder Freeman,  CharaFeddine V. Camille and Sateyea Quaye.

The event, which was held before a live audience and was also broadcast live on several local radio stations, was geared at providing transparency on how Cellcom picks and announces its winners. Each of the winners were contacted thru an official Cellcom telephone number with the first six digits: 777 777.

The ceremony featured five Liberian musicians, including Kzee, Mighty Blow, Lady Mouthphy, Deng, and Lady Faith.   It was also attended by the CEO of Coca Cola, Cellcom, the Ambassador of Brazil to Liberia and the head of Coca Cola Liberia. The release said in remarks, both the Ambassador and Head of Coca Cola congratulated Cellcom for the promotion and the winners who they said were certain to have an exciting trip to Brazil.  

The CEO of Cellcom, Mr. John Vasikaran also congratulated the winners and cautioned the Liberian population to be aware of fraudsters claiming to be from Cellcom and asking for money or scratch cards in return for a prize. 

Mr. Vasikaran:  “Let me make it emphatically clear that Cellcom has never and will never request any scratch cards or any money or anything in return from the legitimate winners.   Please, if you get any message, saying you have won something from Cellcom and you need to send money or scratch cards, please do not do it and please report this number to us so that we can block it.”

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For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cellcom, Mr. Avi Zaidenberg recounted Cellcom’s long commitment to supporting football in Liberia, adding that the trip to Brazil promotion was another step in promoting the spirit of football in Liberia. 

Mr. Zaidenberg said, “As you already know, Cellcom is the company in Liberia that truly cares about football.    In fact, I know Cellcom has provided more support for football in Liberia than any other commercial company in Liberia.    Altogether, Cellcom has invested more than 2 million United States dollars into promoting football in this country.”

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