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CEMENCO’S Asbestos Dumped in Communities

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Some concerned residents of the Doe Community within the vicinity of CEMENCO on Busrod Island, on Thursday, January 27, discovered huge quantity of Asbestos within their community.

According to the concerned Doe Community residents, they were alerted by a community member, who observed a truck load of asbestos in December of last year. The community member, only referred to as Mr. 

Jukon, claimed that while on his way home that night, a group of men was seen offloading the Asbestos materials from the truck. “My attention was not really to them because I was walking home when the car passed me by. But when I got closer to my house that night at around 11:00 pm, I saw them offloading the Asbestos from the truck. I did not take it seriously since I did not know it was dangerous to the health and wellbeing of the people and community,” he claimed.

“The Asbestos was brought from CEMENCO by some individuals and my husband bought it. They said CEMENCO was breaking down their old factory and so they give the Asbestos to them for use. My husband paid LD2, 000 for a load. We are using it to dry the front of our house,” a female resident is quoted as telling Mr. Jukon.

Another woman, who had just prepared food for her children to eat as they sat on the Asbestos, said: “the Asbestos has been very useful for us since we bought it from the people from CEMENCO to dry our areas.

We do not experience flood or mud in the front of our homes any longer when it rains. I think you can see the Asbestos has covered the mud.” It can be recalled that residents of the surrounding communities of CEMENCO threatened a lawsuit against the Liberia Cement Company (CEMENCO) for its ongoing demolition exercise, which they said, has fallen short of environmental safety procedures.

The concerned residents alleged that their communities continue to be saturated with dust as a result of ongoing demolition at the old factory.

-Edited by George Barpeen

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