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Cestos High School Lacks Teachers

Rivercess County’s Cestos High School lacks chemistry, physics, English and economics instructors, which has left students particularly 9th and 12th graders worrying whether they would write the pending national exams.

The situation at the only high school in the county has drawn the attention of Representative Francis Paye, who is calling for urgent solution before it gets too late for the students as they are due to write the annual WACE exams next year.  Because of the severity of the situation, Representative Paye is seeking immediate intervention from the government.

“If we want to translate into practical reality the common saying that the youths are the leaders of the country’s future generation, then the intervention of government in this matter is a necessity,” he noted.

At the same time, Representative Paye has paid tribute to five Ghanaian military personnel serving in UNMIL, who voluntarily taught at the high school. The peacekeepers have announced their departure due to a change of assignment.

He said the volunteers deserve the people of Rivercess commendation for helping in modeling the minds of future Liberians. Paye also presented three bundles of zinc to the Cestos High School as initial contribution towards the renovation of its damaged roof.

Meanwhile, the Rivercess electoral district #2 Representative has been giving progress report to his constituency from the first session of the 53rd Liberian Legislature. The report, which covered 9 January to September 7, 2012, highlighted justice and rule of law, infrastructure, and socio-economic development in the electoral constituency.

During the period, Paye succeeded in writing three communications and sponsoring four bills. One of the acts is to compel all concession companies to establish offices in those county capitals they operate.

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He told the locals that the four bills have gone through initial reading, awaiting the second phase and perhaps subsequent passage into law. The progress report also covers construction of electoral district #2 offices and his personal residential quarter within the district.

The lawmaker also donated materials to several institutions and vulnerable people in the district, including bundles of zinc and generators. Already, the Ministry of Agriculture offices in the county and the women center in Cephas Town, Yarnie District have benefited one 2.8 KVA generator each from Paye’s gesture.

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