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Cestos Street to be named Gbehkugbeh Boulevard

-as senatorial aspirant Tequah breaks grounds

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“And so with mind of sincerity, with mind of integrity, we therefore break ground for Cestos main road to be named in honor of President George Manneh Weah, in the name of the father, the son and blessed holy spirit”, prays River Cess County senatorial aspirant Steve Tequah.

Cestos, the place popularly known as the city of natural beauty, was a scene of huge jubilation when the groundbreaking ceremony, which sets the pace for construction of a concrete road was held.

Mr. Steve Tequah, an aspirant for the senate seat for River Cess, is the one leading efforts for the construction of the road.

Citizens are extremely excited for the project, owing to the fact that the county has not experienced asphalt or concrete pavement since its establishment in 1984. River Cess is among few counties established by slain Liberian President Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Mr. Tequah had promised the people of River Cess that he would be the first private citizen to do concrete pavements in the county.

“The Cestos road is among several roads to be paved by us beginning this year.
We will pave the road that leads to the St. Francis Hospital in Cestos. The main entrance to Bodowhea Town in Monweh is part of our plan as well. We will connect other major towns in River Cess”.

Speaking in Cestos City during the groundbreaking ceremony at the weekend, he told enthusiastic citizens that President George Weah is the chief launcher of the road, and that such road when completed, would be named in honor of the Liberian leader.

“The president of Liberia remains the chief launcher of this road project. Therefore, I say to honor you, that upon the completion of this road, it shall be named in honor of the president and shall be called Gbehkugbeh Boulevard”.

Earlier, Mr. Tequah said it was time that the country graduates from its current state of backwardness, and as such only citizens can make the area developed.

He said the three kilometers of road to be constructed runs from the airfield to the former UNMIL compound. Acting County Superintendent Daniel Dokodoe, who represented the local authorities of River Cess, expressed the government’s support for the project.

“Please convey to ‘Gbehkugbeh that the people of River Cess County wholeheartedly welcome this project. We’ll support it. We’ll defend it.

Mr. Tequah took to the groundbreaking engineers hired for the implementation of the road project. Cooper Lackey, Materials Engineer/Environmentalist, is the head of the project.

The audience went into jubilation when engineer Lackey mentioned that skilled and unskilled laborers for the project will be recruited from River Cess as a way of providing economic empowerment for the locals.

“We’ve come to help you. This is why we will be taking almost all of the workers from here. This is another form of empowerment for the people here”.

The ceremony was graced by local government officials and ordinary citizens who now take ownership of the project by making contribution during a mini rally at the groundbreaking program.

An elderly woman Yarvoe, 69, who contributed to the rally, said: “I walked for more than 4 hours to come here. I na see real car road before. My son if you build this road and you make me to see good road in our capital city, God will bless you”. “We will even make you president for this country”.

Mike Garvlehn, a youth leader had this to say: “Every day our friends them from the other counties can laugh at us. They say our county is not developed. No good road in the city. For you Steve to think about building this road, me and my whole generation, my family will support you”. Anything you want you will get it.

The pavement of a 3 kilometer road is an expensive venture. Private individuals rarely take on such endeavor. Responding to concerns about the funding of the road, Mr. Tequah told the citizens that few of his good friends who believe in his leadership ability are providing support for the road.

Mr. Tequah is among nearly a dozen of kinsmen aspiring for the single seat. The seat is being occupied by Mr. Dallas A. V. Gueh of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Steve Tequah, Former County Superintendents Wellington Geevon-Smith and Bob RancyZiankahn, broadcast journalist and banker turned politician JanjayBloh, former Grand Bassa County Representative Gabriel Buchanan Smith, and Liberia Agriculture Company’s Senior Accountant, Winston Borbor, are some of the notable names vying for the seat.

It’s being speculated that Mr. Tequah is placed in the race to sabotage the election of Wellington Geevon-Smith.

At the moment, Geevon is considered the favorite among contenders. He comes from River Cess district ‘2’.

It’s believed having Steve in the race will suppress Geevon’s votes to the advantage of incumbent senator Gueh.

Recent development interventions including the electrification of major towns in Senator Gueh’s home district of Monweh through solar lights have defeated this argument.

Tequah is a sound engineer and journalist.

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