Chairman Morlu betrays Marketers’ trust

It took no lesser a personality than the Superintendent of the Joe Bar Market, Martha Banney, in the Monrovia suburb of Old Road to alarm that CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu had diverted 150 bags of Pro-Poor Rice allotted for the market by President George Manneh Weah to his home before the consignment was taken back recently to the market.

Superintendent Banney revealed in a radio interview recently that Chairman Mulbah Morlu took the consignment of 150 bags of rice at his house rather than to the market as he was directed by CDC Standard Bearer President George Weah during the Christmas season in a rationing exercise to enable every community have access to the Pro-Poor Rice, which is not sufficient for the population of Monrovia.

The rowdy-spoken CDC Chairman is yet to explain why he took the rice at his house. But Mr. Morlu reportedly did return the rice after Superintendent Banney alarm, apparently in a bid to have President Weah informed that the rice he had allotted for the Joe Bar Market, was instead, at the residence of Chairman Morlu.

We just don’t understand what really was Morlu’s motive in taking the rice home, but one thing that seems to be clear in the writing on the wall is the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change lacks accountability and transparency in its dealing with the Liberian people.

It is not only a disgrace but a shame that the Chairman of the ruling party would want to not just misrepresent the standard bearer, but steal rice from the people who voted the CDC to power.
This is what opposition leader Alexander Benedict Cummings terms “Broad day stealing of what belongs to the majority of the population.” And then CDCians want to fight whenever the CDC-led government is criticized. These are nothing but the realities.

When the Managing Director of the National Housing Authority and his deputy are at each other’s throats after soliciting and receiving bribes from investors that came to put money in our recessing economy by constructing housing units for low income citizens, who bears the burns or consequences of their corrupt and greedy attitude? No one else but the poor Liberian people whom the Coalition government says it came to empower.

Chairman Morlu and his likes in the government should understand that leadership or governance is not about milking the state and its people, but honest service characterized by transparency and accountability.

Morlu would have gained the trust and respect of not only the marketers of Joe Bar Market in the Old Road community, but the CDC Standard Bearer President George Weah, who sent him to deliver the rice had he done so transparently.

But he chose to do something totally different by diverting the consignment to his residence, while the poor marketers and residents of Old Road yearn for the Pro-Poor Rice. Such unscrupulous behavior erodes public confidence and breeds distrust in the national leadership.


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