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Challenging the CDC to Utilize the Legal Framework In less than two years

Challenging the CDC to Utilize the Legal Framework In less than two years, about three dozen political parties are expected to participate in Liberia’s 2017 general and Presidential elections.

Ahead of the official announcement of the commencement of the process by the National Elections Commission of Liberia, political parties and aspirants continue to engage in campaign activities across the country in violation of the guidelines and laws. Perhaps, as a , especially Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech, result of the freedoms to which political parties, aspirants and Liberians in general are exposed under the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, no one seems to be recognizing the responsibilities attached to these freedoms. As the direct result, the newspaper pages and radio airwaves have become market places for all of the ‘abuses and threats’ against other Liberians of prominence and the state.

Of late, the country’s most populous political party – Congress for Democratic Change or CDC, has been at the center of the news for all of the critical reasons. Of the many negative utterances by officials of the CDC – Vice Chairman for Operations Mulbah Moorlu and Secretary General , the issue of forming a so-called ‘people’s task force’ to arrest government vehicles involved in campaign activities during the 2017 electoral process is of serious concern. For these officials to even ignorantly suggest that a win for the CDC is a must come what may in 2017, in the absence of the necessary national political mechanisms only exposes the political immaturity of the favored CDC elites; the lack of political education is also an attributing factor to such negative political behavior.

Any ration politician would rather choose a ‘non-violent’ approach to seeking redress to such genuine issues as raised by the party; and such non-violent approach is the national legal framework and instruments as the National Elections Commission and Court System.

It is in view of the foregoing that officials of the Congress for Democratic Change, including the aforementioned, must be challenged to allow the rule of law to prevail in whatever they perceived and continue to do as violations in the electoral process as far as the guidelines and elections laws are concerned.

With the current level of hardship confronting the socio-economic existence of the people of Liberia, no one would choose a violent solution to any problem that would further exacerbate his or her existing poverty-stricken conditions.

The CDC, its officials and general membership must be urged to begin concentrating on structurally reactivating the party’s activities in other parts of Montserrado County and across the nation devoid of political relaxation, while others continue to comb the entire country in anticipation of re-enforcing their support-bases less than two years to 2017.

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Expectations are that the CDC would now be discussing with the Liberian people, issues such the reactivation its county and district headquarters, as well as impact-making achievements as a political institution, among others, for the past four years as a way of reinvigorating the spirit of the party to attract more support, other than thriving on the path of violence.


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